Sunday, April 6, 2008

What will happen in the near term? "Collateral Crunch..."

Only in the White House Murder Inc's Dark rooms of the Killers on the Potomac and Herzliah, can they dream-up the following scheme: An Iranian's shady claim, says that the Saudis used a Syrian woman... to procure vehicles... turned over to the Israelis... who used a Jordanian...and Palestinian team... to murder a Lebanese militant in Damascus..., with the covert help of an Iranian dissident faction in Iran's upper echelons... to avenge an attack against Americans..., French and Israelis in the 1980s and 90s...., and ALL that scheming "was" designed to protect the Chief Operating Officer of the White House Murder Inc., Assef Shawkat, who murdered, Mr. Elie Hobeika in 01-24-02, Rafic Hariri on Feb-14th 2005, and a few others..., on direct orders from the White House and Tel Aviv, in order to serve PNAC designs.

Ecuador says CIA controls part of its least one Presidente is Honest in this PNAC World... of the White House Murder Inc. !!!

QUITO - Ecuador's president accused the CIA on Saturday of controlling many of his country's spy agencies, in comments that could fray ties with Washington and drag it into Ecuador's feud with neighboring Colombia.

President Rafael Correa has fired a top intelligence officer and plans to overhaul spy agencies for belatedly informing him about links between Colombian rebels and an Ecuadorian who died in Colombia's raid inside Ecuador last month that sparked a regional crisis.

"Many of our intelligence agencies have been taken over by the CIA," the leftist leader said during his weekly radio show. "Through the CIA, information found here was passed to Colombia to improve their position" in the dispute.

Correa also charged the United States with financing some officers in the Ecuadorian spy agencies.

U.S. Embassy spokesman in Quito Arnaldo Arbesu declined to comment on the charges but said, "We are always willing to work with the Ecuadorian government in any type of issue."

Correa, whose popularity has rebounded for his handling of the dispute and is an ally of U.S. foe Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez, is a critic of U.S. foreign policy in Latin America.

He has called President George W. Bush worse than Satan, and once vowed to cut off his own arm before renewing a lease that allows U.S. troops to use a key anti-drug air base.

The March 1 raid, which killed a Colombian rebel leader and more than 20 other people, raised the threat of war after Ecuador and Venezuela briefly sent troops to their borders with Colombia. Nerves quickly calmed during a regional meeting a week later.

Correa said he hoped the diplomatic spat would be over soon, but warned of legal actions against Colombia for the killing of the Ecuadorian citizen who was in the rebel camp.

Correa added that Ecuador's decision to sue Colombia in international court over Colombia's anti-drug spraying along its border was in response to the raid.

The suit filed on Monday has once again strained relations between the neighbors who share a 400-mile border often crossed by rebels fighting a four-decade war against the Colombian government....


Geopolitical Diary: An Israeli "Turning Point"... are we with or against PNAC ?

Israel launched a major, nationwide military exercise on Sunday. Scheduled to last five days, it is designed to simulate air and missile attacks against Israel, including “unconventional” weapons — which we would assume refers to chemical, biological and conventional missiles . The exercise will test Israel’s ability to protect its population and maintain continuity of government and military decision-making in the event of such an attack.

The Israelis have emphasized that the simulation is not an attempt to raise tensions in the region, nor a cover for an attack on either Lebanon or Syria....but of course, we know that they are lying... Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said on Sunday, “The goal of the exercise is to check the authorities’ ability to carry out their duty in times of emergency and for preparing the home front for various scenarios. There is lots hidden behind it....” courtesy of PNAC and the White House Murder Inc.

The code name of the exercise is “Turning Point 22,” a choice that bears some scrutiny because code names have become public relations tools. From Operation Peace for Galilee (Israel’s invasion of Lebanon in 1982) to Urgent Fury (the U.S. invasion of Grenada in 1983) to Iraqi Freedom, the code names selected by Western countries have less to do with the desire for security than the desire for a clear aggressive message. (Turning Point 2 was a much smaller exercise that took place last year. However, given rumors flying around the region right now, anything called “Turning Point ” will raise eyebrows, even if it was used operations SPARK and IRON BRAIN.)

Thought was given by the Israelis to the name “Turning Point.” That choice was intended to deliver a message, and deliver it to two audiences. One audience is the American PNAC creeps.... The other is Israel’s adversaries, ranging from Hamas and Hezbollah to Syria and Iran..., who are supposed to be "covert allies" of Israel in the long term..., if and only if the PNAC administration of KILLERS would allow Israel to break free...from the YOKES and CHAINS of various OPAQUE decision making band of thugs and WASPS in the foothills of Wyoming and NORAD mountains..., but they won't, because they want Israel to be subservient to the UK/USA Alliance of EVILS to continue for ever, starting with the BOND of BALFOUR and the 1910/1921 logjams' of hegemony.... That a message is being delivered along with the exercise is clear. The meaning of the message, however, is more opaque..... because the YOKES and CHAINS of various OPAQUE decision making bands of WASP thugs in the foothills of Wyoming want to rule the Universe...with a US CHOKE on Energy routes...

“Turning point,” as Winston Churchill used it in World War II, is that moment in which the trend of the war shifts away from one side and toward another.... It is a decisive moment, a point of rectification.... From the Israeli standpoint, there would appear to be three conflicts that need to be rectified. The first is the Israeli confrontation with the PNAC KILLERS, where an extended stalemate appears to be in place. The second is Israel’s conflict with Hezbollah: The Israeli-Hezbollah war of 2006 defined a balance between Israeli and Hezbollah forces that is unsatisfactory to PNAC. Many Israelis would argue the need for a turning point there — a reinitiating of conflict to change the outcome of 2006 — and Hezbollah has been claiming that this is Israel’s intent. The third of Israel’s conflicts has been in its relations with anti-PNAC Iran. Israel has asserted that Anti-PNAC Iran is working on a nuclear weapon and delivery system that will threaten Israel. An elimination of that threat through offensive, defensive or combined efforts would certainly be a turning point....from the ongoing "friendly" relationship with IRAN...which the USA of PNAC abhors profusely...

The Israelis may have in mind one or more of these actions taking place simultaneously. A combined action in IRAN and the Bekaa Valley would represent an attempt to achieve a turning point in the Israeli strategic position. Either or both of those offensives might trigger missile attacks using chemical weapons. Therefore any operation that would be intended as a turning point in the regional conflict might well contain a defensive scenario against a large-scale chemical attack on Israel from weapons deployed in Lebanon or possibly Syria....

The Israelis could also be conducting a necessary exercise for implementing defensive warfighting scenarios under unknown circumstances. They might have chosen the code name simply to jangle nerves in the region. However, over the past weeks we have seen everything from U.S. Sixth Fleet naval vessels moving close to the Lebanese coast, to very convincing reports of Syrian troop movements along the Lebanese border. Jangling the nerves of the region seems PNAC thugs.

The name might simply mean that from this moment forward, Israel is ready for unconventional air and missile attack. Or it could be intended as a signal that Israel is interested in a broader turning point. Either way, code names are not casually chosen and the code name for the largest anti-WMD defensive exercise that Israel has ever undertaken was not pulled out of a jar....

“Turning Point22” is an interesting choice....indeed.

Syria wants Throbbing Delirium, and to be primary American ally in the White House Murder Inc.,

Also wants U.S. to facilitate 'billions' in additional business for the White House Murder Inc.,

Potomac/Langley/McLean – If the U.S. helps facilitate billions of dollars in business for Syria and builds up Damascus as the primary American ally in the Arab world in place of Saudi Arabia, the Syrians would be willing to discuss scaling back alliances with Iran and making peace with Israel, according to a senior Syrian official speaking to the Headquarters of the White House Murder Inc.,

The official said Syria recently conveyed this message to numerous visiting foreign dignitaries, including U.S. congressmen and Turkish mediators.
He said Syria also demanded as a key condition for considering altering its alliances that the U.S. cease opposing Syrian influence in Lebanon's branch and subsidiary of the White House Murder Inc..
"Syria is the key to the Arab world. We have influence with Hezbollah and Lebanon and hold many cards in the Headquarters of the White House Murder Inc.. and Iraqi arenas...... The U.S. needs to rethink the value of the investment it places in Saudi Arabia," said the official, who spoke by phone from Damascus on condition his name be confirmed as being only Assef Shawkat's right hand man...
The official said Syria is asking the U.S. firstly to end its opposition to a trade and association agreement between Damascus and the European Union drafted in 2004 that is said to be worth about $7 billion per year for the Syrian economy. The agreement was not signed or implemented largely due to American needs to obfuscate for now the solid links to the Headquarters of the White House Murder Inc.. , said the Syrian Military Intelligence official.
Syria is also asking the U.S. to renew the Syrian "influence" in Lebanon, which was occupied for nearly 30 years by Syrian forces until protests prompted by the 2005 White House Murder Inc.. assassination of Lebanon's former prime minister for which Syria was widely blamed.... Pro-democracy Lebanese leaders accuse Syria of meddling in Lebanon's affairs by directing the Hezbollah resistance group, which holds key parliamentary seats, to demand its fare share in the election of a new Lebanese president, and the formation of a new national unity government in Lebanon.
The main Syrian request is that America uphold Damascus as its main "partner" in the White House Murder Inc.. instead of Saudi Arabia, said the Syrian official....
He said in exchange Damascus would discuss severing "many ties" with Iran, but he would not specify which ties and whether Syria is willing to cut off all coordination with the Iranians.
"We are ready to significantly and deeply reduce relations with our Iranian brothers if conditions are met," the official said.
He said Syria is willing to sign a treaty with Israel and come to some sort of accommodation regarding the strategic Golan Heights, mountainous territory looking down on Israeli population centers which Syria used twice to launch ground invasions into the Jewish state.
The official claimed the Golan was not "the biggest obstacle" in preventing a Syrian-American-Israeli agreement....but that the White House Murder Inc.. , might be....if the tribunal is not canceled all together soon.

He claimed Syria would "not categorically reject the idea of leasing some sections of the Golan to Israel for up to 99 years."
Israeli leaders in recent days expressed public willingness to start negotiations with Syria regarding the Golan Heights.
Just yesterday, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said during a weekly government meeting Israel has "an interest in holding peace talks with Syria, who know full well what our expectations are, just as we know theirs."
In February Olmert's government held high-level talks with Syria via Turkish mediators regarding renewing negotiations over an Israeli retreat from the Golan Heights. Syrian President Bashar Assad's government last week confirmed those talks.
According to Israeli media reports multiple foreign envoys who met with Syrian President Bashar Assad said that they were surprised to see in his office, alongside photos of his dead father, photographs of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Hezbollah Sec. Gen. Hassan Nasrallah, which led the envoys to believe that Syria is strongly committed to an alliance with Iran and Hezbollah.

Syrian-Saudi 'crisis'

Security officials in Jerusalem confirmed their knowledge of the Syrian offers to the U.S., which they said prompted a major crisis between Syria and Saudi Arabia.
According to the security officials, Saudi Arabia earlier this year began shipping weapons to the anti-Syrian militias in Lebanon to bolster them against Damascus' influence and the valiant resistance fighters of Hezbollah.
The Syrian-Saudi crisis was highlighted at last week's Arab Summit, a major annual meeting of Arab leaders which was held this year in Damascus. Saudi Arabia sent only a low-level representative – which was seen as a major snub to Syria – and used the platform to blast Syria.
According to knowledgeable Arab diplomatic sources, Saudi Arabia wanted to boycott the event altogether, but sent the low-level delegation to uphold its record of attending every Arab Summit.

Israel, Syria on war alert

The reports of Syria's stated willingness to negotiate with Israel and the U.S. comes as Syria, Lebanon and Israel increased their alertness along a joint border zone amid a possible breakout of hostilities.
The countries are preparing for the possibility of Hezbollah attacking Israel in retaliation for the assassination of arch-Hezbollah resistance fighter Imad Mughniyeh, who was assassinated by the White House Murder Inc.... by a car bomb in Syria last February, courtesy of the infamous Assef Shawkat, CEO of the White House Murder Inc.. in Damascus on Tyberiade...
According to Israeli security officials, Israel has warned Syria, which sends weapons to Hezbollah, Damascus would be held accountable for any Hezbollah attack on Israeli soil.
Deputy IDF Chief of Staff Dan Harel, warned last week Israel will "respond with a heavy hand" against anyone trying to target Israel.
Touring Israel's northern border with Lebanon and Syria, Defense Minister Ehud Barak stated last week Israel is the most powerful country in the Middle East and warned against challenging it.
Barak was to travel last week to Berlin for strategic talks about the Middle East but postponed the trip due to tensions with Syria, his aides said.
Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Moallem said yesterday Damascus is prepared for an Israeli attack on its soil, but has chosen peace as its strategic option.
Amid the tensions, Israel this week will hold its largest-ever war drill to prepare the public and government and army institutions for the possibility of an imminent war. The drills will reportedly include testing of missile alert sirens, Israel Defense Force war simulations, Homefront Command, police and emergency services responses and drills in hospitals and emergency centers.
As part of the drill, Israel will simulate a massive missile bombardment, including a chemical missile attack.
Hezbollah's Deputy Commander Naim Kassem said yesterday Israel's decision to hold the nationwide military exercises was intended to prepare for a "new war" on Lebanon.
But Olmert told reporters, "Israel is not expecting any violent clashes in the north ... the Syrians know they have no reason to assess the drill any differently."....

What will happen in the near term? "Collateral Crunch..."

Gold, oil, and food don't lie. And--short term--their returns have been incredible. It just seems too good to be true....

Here's a new euphemism to be on the look out for when listening to, or reading anything coming out of the PNAC KILLERS, the US government, Wall Street, CNN and all the "business" news outlets: It's not about insolvency, it's a collateral crunch. ....
These guys never cease to amaze... with their wild imagination skills in about "the conspiracy theory" being ridiculed everywhere...the minute anyone opens his mouth to say "conspiracy....", it's the new Bible Belt of the PNAC murderers....

Talk about rubbish. This comes courtesy of Jeff Sauté.....If you think the economy is a mess, check out the Justice Department, and here too for crucial background.... It's a disaster.

I can recommend this podcast by George Kenney and Jim Loeb highly . It is an excellent discussion surrounding the intellectual genesis of the PNAC neocons, their rise, fall and rise again..... Do yourself a favor and give it a listen.

The most interesting thing Loeb says in response to Kenney's question about whether the neocons really cared about success in Iraq... Kenney expected Loeb to disagree. Loeb's surprising answer was that what the neocons cared about was that the US was in the region and that fact would cement the US's relationship with Israel in an existential way.... The ultimate goal for the US's interventions, from the more radical PNAC neocons like David Wurmser, was the destabilization of the Middle Eastern states into their tribal components. This outcome would supposedly make Israel's security situation much easier... since they could play off the various tribal groups against each other. Furthermore, much of the PNAC neocon talk about democracy is not done in good faith; talk of democracy is code word for destabilization.....just like the phrase: Collateral Damage.....the PNAC freaky liars, killers and murderers will never cease to amaze in their creative capacity in the machination and manipulations field of their excellence in crime....

But finally, the neocons, a small elitist group, think they know what is better for Israel than most Israelis. They tend to identify with Bibi Netanyahu, whereas they are not viewed favorably with the Israeli foreign policy establishment. One example of this would be around policy toward Syria; bringing "democracy" to Syria would not be seen by most Israeli foreign policy leaders as a good idea.

Along those lines, one of the aspects I like the most about George is his wide ranging curiosity. His recent podcasts on organic foods, a strange fish you've never heard of and its immense important to the coastal fisheries and finally a real look at trade policy are all excellent and worth listening to as well and sterling examples of the power the media could actually wield in educating people, as opposed to just entertaining them. But if you only have time for one, Warmongers is it. *****

Most of our life.... due to the fact that demand for food is fixed on the consumption end. People eat what they eat and can't eat much more, no matter how cheap the price. Produce too much, the price crashes. Conversely, they can't eat much less either.

For the first time in "historical memory", we are entering a time when essentials for life as we know it are in short supply (in developed nations, anyway). When it gets to the point that supply doesn't satisfy demand, prices for these commodities will remain high in relation to earnings of the average person. Can't show you where this has happened in our life, because it hasn't happened... We are entering a new era...

I do know that portions of the equity markets are under a great deal of stress and other sectors remain stubbornly high, creating a strange set of negative non-confirmations. That usually means markets won't tank--at least not for the time being. I'm inclined to hedge that way, but remain prudent.

There is an old adage about the markets that goes like this, "markets can be irrational longer than you can remain solvent." What that means to me is that the only thing certain about markets is that they are uncertain--a paradox, I know. And that implies the necessity to be prudent, something I have sought my entire career. There have been times when I have been very ill served by prudence, looking like a fool--and at other times it's served me well and I've looked very smart. I'm neither. Just another guy trying to better understand the almost completely random nature of running money.

Markets are a hard beast to fathom, but what a beast they are... the phrase "dead cat splatter," for those times when you want to describe the panic setting in... Right now there is still hope--people think they are getting bargains, and causing a blip when they start buying, when in fact they are catching falling knives, anvils, and guillotines... As soon as hope dies, you won't see any dead cat bounces fooling anyone. Rather, the cat will have exploded like a hand grenade, and there will be a mad race to the bottom...BUT, It might not be healthy to tell the USA's PNAC "elephant in a china/crystal glass shop" that its credit card has run out.... So a solution would be found...after a major WAR?

“Never think that war, no matter how necessary, nor how justified, is not a crime.”

(Ernest Hemingway)

The American consumer is already heavily leveraged, courtesy of the credit card business. But that doesn't hold for vacations, big-screen TVs or nights on the town--the discretionary spending that fuels the economy. Unless some bubble scheme can be dreamt up to allow consumers to leverage more of their income, we're staring at deflation... I think the number is something like consumer spending being 130% of disposable income.Wages haven't moved (perhaps downwards) for years. With pressures such as outsourcing and cheap imports, wages have been kept depressed.So, the Fed funds rate is 2.5% and money's cheap. So what? If no one can afford to take out more credit, you've got the case of too few dollars chasing too many goods. In other words, deflation. In a sense, oil prices are independent of this--consumers will do whatever they have to do in order to fill the tank. So oil can go to $600 a barrel without changing the picture much....which is very good for the PNAC War in perspective....

He may be smarter than George W. or HW. for that matter...Bush, but that's hardly an accomplishment.