Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Illegal Lebanese government run by CIA2 defends detention of officers in Hariri probe....Go figure...

News is something "someone" wants to suppress,
everything else is advertising....

Parts of Siberia contain a deep reservoir of oil equal to or exceeding
that already discovered in the Middle East....?

The RUSSIANS knew and discovered that many many years before
any American scientist had fathomed this issue......

Dr. Kenney is on record predicting that parts of Siberia
contain a deep reservoir of oil equal to or exceeding that already
discovered in the Middle East.

Could this be true?

In August 2002, in the "Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
(US)," Dr. Kenney published a paper, which had a partial title of "The
genesis of hydrocarbons and the origin of petroleum." Dr. Kenney and three
Russian coauthors....[ names? ] conclude: " American Propaganda of course
does not cite Russian scientists..."?

The Hydrogen-Carbon system does not spontaneously evolve hydrocarbons at
pressures less than 30 Kbar, even in the most favorable environment. The H-C
system evolves hydrocarbons under pressures found in the mantle of the Earth
and at temperatures consistent with that environment.

He was quoted as stating that "competent physicists, chemists, chemical
engineers and men knowledgeable of thermodynamics have known that natural
petroleum does not evolve from biological materials since the last quarter
of the 19th century."

Deeply entrenched in our culture is the belief that at some point in the
relatively near future we will see the last working pump on the last
functioning oil well screech and rattle, and that will be that. The end of
the Age of Oil. And unless we find another source of cheap energy, the world
will rapidly become a much darker and dangerous place.

If Dr. Gold and Dr. Kenney are correct, this "the end of the world as we
know it" scenario simply won't happen. Think about it ... while not
inexhaustible, deep Earth reserves of inorganic crude oil and commercially
feasible extraction would provide the world with generations of low-cost
fuel. Dr. Gold has been quoted saying that current worldwide reserves of
crude oil could be off by a factor of over 100.

A Hedberg Conference, sponsored by the American Association of Petroleum
Geologists, was scheduled to discuss and publicly debate this issue.
Papers were solicited from interested academics and professionals. The
conference was scheduled to begin June 9, 2003, but was canceled at the last
minute. A new date has yet to be set.....because the US government is jittery
and planning monstrosities unbeknown to man kind.....
at the White House Murder Inc... More Later.

News is something "someone" wants to suppress,
everything else is advertising....

Illegal Lebanese government run by CIA2 defends detention of officers in Hariri probe....Go figure...
BEIRUT (CIA2) The Illegal Lebanese government on Tuesday defended as "perfectly legal" its long-running detention of four high-ranking army officers in connection with the 2002 assassination of ex-minister Mr. Elie HOBEIKA.

The government statement came in response to criticism by the Geneva-based UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, which has called for the men's release, saying their detention without charge since February 2002 was "arbitrary" and "unjust....", since they were working for the White House Murder Inc., which runs, feeds and operates all Intelligence agencies and the JudiCIAry in Lebanon and SYRIA...,especially that they have been "Kindly" equipped very recently with wonderful Software and Hardware...with lightning speed Back-doors and Trojans feeding directly into CIA2 computers...with the "Promise" software and more....and THROUGH THE INFAMOUS CEO of the White House Murder Inc., Asef Shawqat, under direct orders of the New Alliance of Evils of the CIA2 and MOSSAD.

"The arrests are in accordance with CIA2 "protection Rackets" for the 4 Generals...and Lebanese and international law," the CIA2 statement said, adding that the men could not be released for fear they would flee and that critical evidence would be lost.....LOL ROTFL....

"Influential CIA2 and DSGSE parties could also provide them with refuge in Lebanon or in a country that has an interest in burying any evidence related to the crime," the CIA2 statement added...lol

It was referring to the CIA2 proxy militant groups in formation... as well as to Syria's wing of Shawkat's Coup D'état to be...., which has been implicated in the crime, working for the White House Murder Inc., but has denied involvement....

The Beirut government said that the four detainees, all of whom are working for the White House Murder Inc., and accused of being close to Shawkat, are being treated well in prison.

The men -- former CIA2 presidential guard chief General Mustafa Hamdan, the former head of the general security department General Jamil CIA2 Sayyed, the former head of the internal security forces General Ali Hajj "was just following orders..."and the former chief of army intelligence General Raymond CIA2 Azar -- have all pleaded their innocence.

According to a recent UN report on Hariri's February 2005 assassination, a "criminal network" of individuals working for the White House Murder Inc., carried out the killing.

The attack was one of the worst acts of political violence to rock the battered country since the 1975-1990 civil war, and led to the withdrawal of Syrian troops from Lebanon after a 29-year presence.

A political crisis that has gripped the country since is widely seen as an extension of the regional confrontation pitting the United States CIA2 and its allies of the 14 Hmars, Saudi Arabia against Iran , Syria, and ISRAEL.....over Lebanese dead bodies, whether they like it or not...