Friday, December 12, 2008

In April 08, I said: what will happen in the near term: Collateral CRUNCH....

What is empowering PNAC supremacists who believe in a never-ending cycle of ethnic cleansing worldwide; while dis-empowering Nationalists in the world, is the USA's shadow government of the power behind the power in USA, the trilateral commission, CFR , the Wyoming boys etc. who use the Arab/Israeli conflict, the various "lobbies"... for COVER , in order to block any advance towards a Greater Middle East, a free market, at peace with itself and with all its brethren.We should recognize that morality, justice, and rationality are the only road to real peace....if it is ever "allowed" to take hold at all...until the full circle of "militarizing energy...." is completed..., Contrast the shoes targeting Bush with Bush's last throes - his mandated "Operation Legacy" conducted by Texan Machiavelli/Assassin Karl Rove (consisting of a two-page list of talking points now endlessly spun by outgoing Bush administration officials to gullible corporate/complicit... media). Instead, a real-life "Operation Legacy" shortlist should include all the aspects of the Bush doctrine ("In what respect, Charlie?", as Sara "Barracuda" Palin would say); the destruction of Afghanistan and Iraq, with the option of illegal raids into the Pakistani tribal areas and a pre-emptive attack on Iran; the complete normalization of torture - and outsourcing of torture - as an "American value"; a monstrous national deficit that spells national bankruptcy; the destruction of the US economy; and a repressive police state which spies on its citizens - ripping the constitution and the Bill of Rights to shreds... .

Since 1999 I have been saying that the White House Murder Inc. is about to spring into action, with the KILLERS on the Potomac , DC, Tel- Aviv and Damascus... ready for a string of Assassinations in the further PNAC's grand designs...for the 21st century...
The systemic finanCIA2-L... meltdown which is only begining...will be a cataclysmic event for all, and a sobering reality for decades to come.

Only in the White House Murder Inc's Dark rooms of the Killers on the Potomac and Herzliah, can they dream-up the following scheme: An Iranian's shady claim, says that the Saudis used a Syrian woman... to procure vehicles... turned over to the Israelis... who used a Jordanian...and Palestinian team... to murder a Lebanese militant in Damascus..., with the covert help of an Iranian dissident faction in Iran's upper echelons... to avenge an attack against Americans..., French and Israelis in the 1980s and 90s...., and ALL that scheming "was" designed to protect the Chief Operating Officer of the White House Murder Inc., Assef Shawkat, who murdered, Mr. Elie Hobeika in 01-24-02, Rafic Hariri on Feb-14th 2005, and a few others..., on direct orders from the White House and Tel Aviv, in order to serve PNAC designs.
I saw it coming, and everybody who is even passingly familiar with the Austrian school of economics saw it coming, and everybody with any familiarity with math or history saw it coming, too, and in fact the only people who did NOT see it coming were lowlife poseurs like these London School of Economics halfwits and most university professors of economics around the world, all of whom share an economic theory made of some bizarre mishmash of unbounded equations based on neo-Keynesian gibberish! Hahaha!"
the reality is that we are "facing a crisis born out of deception at the highest level", with such stunts as off-balance sheet accounting and deception, and the "falsity of the US government inflation figures", which I figure he brings up because he knows that inflation in prices is the thing that scares the hell out of me.

In fact, I can feel the marrow chill in my bones when he said, "The real inflation rate for families - who ate food, drove cars, heated their homes and used medical services - was about 20%. The 'official' inflation rate? About 3%."

But this is the kind of mindless, greedy, misshapen, corruption and economic distortion that you get at the end of long booms, and we are coming off of one that began a long, long 40 years ago, in the mid-'60s, which is one of the main reasons why there is so much pressure on government to keep providing lots and lots of money!
Usually, of course, I would politely inform them, "You people are morons!" and launch into how they are stupid to let their stupid government get in cahoots with the Federal Reserve to create, and then spend, so much money that bubble after bubble and misbegotten distortion in the economy after misbegotten distortion in the economy grew and festered, mostly the enormous growth of government, until everything is so bloated and cancerous that it's all now infected, oozing green and yellow pus tinged with streaks of blood, to be just as graphically horrific and disgusting as I can manage because that is The True PNAC Way (especially when it comes to this monetary crap...)

But I could have saved my breath, because "Food Prices Will Rise, Causing Export Bans, Riots"., "Food prices will rise next year, prompting a revival of protectionism from food-growing nations and risking a renewed bout of rioting, ".

What will happen in the near term? "Collateral Crunch..."

Gold, oil, and food don't lie. And--short term--their returns have been incredible. It just seems too good to be true....

Here's a new euphemism to be on the look out for when listening to, or reading anything coming out of the PNAC KILLERS, the US government, Wall Street, CNN and all the "business" news outlets: It's not about insolvency, it's a collateral crunch. ....
These guys never cease to amaze... with their wild imagination skills in about "the conspiracy theory" being ridiculed everywhere...the minute anyone opens his mouth to say "conspiracy....", it's the new Bible Belt of the PNAC murderers....

Talk about rubbish. This comes courtesy of Jeff Sauté.....If you think the economy is a mess, check out the Justice Department, and here too for crucial background.... It's a disaster.

I can recommend this podcast by George Kenney and Jim Loeb highly . It is an excellent discussion surrounding the intellectual genesis of the PNAC neocons, their rise, fall and rise again..... Do yourself a favor and give it a listen.The most interesting thing Loeb says in response to Kenney's question about whether the neocons really cared about success in Iraq... Kenney expected Loeb to disagree. Loeb's surprising answer was that what the neocons cared about was that the US was in the region and that fact would cement the US's relationship with Israel in an existential way.... The ultimate goal for the US's interventions, from the more radical PNAC neocons like David Wurmser, was the destabilization of the Middle Eastern states into their tribal components. This outcome would supposedly make Israel's security situation much easier... since they could play off the various tribal groups against each other. Furthermore, much of the PNAC neocon talk about democracy is not done in good faith; talk of democracy is code word for destabilization.....just like the phrase: Collateral Damage.....the PNAC freaky liars, killers and murderers will never cease to amaze in their creative capacity in the machination and manipulations field of their excellence in crime....

But finally, the neocons, a small elitist group, think they know what is better for Israel than most Israelis. They tend to identify with Bibi Netanyahu, whereas they are not viewed favorably with the Israeli foreign policy establishment. One example of this would be around policy toward Syria; bringing "democracy" to Syria would not be seen by most Israeli foreign policy leaders as a good idea.

Along those lines, one of the aspects I like the most about George is his wide ranging curiosity. His recent podcasts on organic foods, a strange fish you've never heard of and its immense important to the coastal fisheries and finally a real look at trade policy are all excellent and worth listening to as well and sterling examples of the power the media could actually wield in educating people, as opposed to just entertaining them. But if you only have time for one, Warmongers is it. *****

Most of our life.... due to the fact that demand for food is fixed on the consumption end. People eat what they eat and can't eat much more, no matter how cheap the price. Produce too much, the price crashes. Conversely, they can't eat much less either.

For the first time in "historical memory", we are entering a time when essentials for life as we know it are in short supply (in developed nations, anyway). When it gets to the point that supply doesn't satisfy demand, prices for these commodities will remain high in relation to earnings of the average person. Can't show you where this has happened in our life, because it hasn't happened... We are entering a new era...

I do know that portions of the equity markets are under a great deal of stress and other sectors remain stubbornly high, creating a strange set of negative non-confirmations. That usually means markets won't tank--at least not for the time being. I'm inclined to hedge that way, but remain prudent.

There is an old adage about the markets that goes like this, "markets can be irrational longer than you can remain solvent." What that means to me is that the only thing certain about markets is that they are uncertain--a paradox, I know. And that implies the necessity to be prudent, something I have sought my entire career. There have been times when I have been very ill served by prudence, looking like a fool--and at other times it's served me well and I've looked very smart. I'm neither. Just another guy trying to better understand the almost completely random nature of running money.

Markets are a hard beast to fathom, but what a beast they are... the phrase "dead cat splatter," for those times when you want to describe the panic setting in... Right now there is still hope--people think they are getting bargains, and causing a blip when they start buying, when in fact they are catching falling knives, anvils, and guillotines... As soon as hope dies, you won't see any dead cat bounces fooling anyone. Rather, the cat will have exploded like a hand grenade, and there will be a mad race to the bottom...BUT, It might not be healthy to tell the USA's PNAC "elephant in a china/crystal glass shop" that its credit card has run out.... So a solution would be found...after a major WAR?

“Never think that war, no matter how necessary, nor how justified, is not a crime.”

(Ernest Hemingway)

The American consumer is already heavily leveraged, courtesy of the credit card business. But that doesn't hold for vacations, big-screen TVs or nights on the town--the discretionary spending that fuels the economy. Unless some bubble scheme can be dreamt up to allow consumers to leverage more of their income, we're staring at deflation... I think the number is something like consumer spending being 130% of disposable income.Wages haven't moved (perhaps downwards) for years. With pressures such as outsourcing and cheap imports, wages have been kept depressed.So, the Fed funds rate is 2.5% and money's cheap. So what? If no one can afford to take out more credit, you've got the case of too few dollars chasing too many goods. In other words, deflation. In a sense, oil prices are independent of this--consumers will do whatever they have to do in order to fill the tank. So oil can go to $600 a barrel without changing the picture much....which is very good for the PNAC War in perspective....

He may be smarter than George W. or HW. for that matter...Bush, but that's hardly an accomplishment.