Thursday, September 2, 2010

AIPAC peddled "intelligence" to CIA in 1984....

GSA administrator lobbied for AIPAC policy studies during Reagan administration....

We have discovered a letter from the General Service Administration (GSA) administrator Gerald P. Carmen to CIA director William Casey, dated February 27, 1984, in which Carmen, who founded a top Washington lobbying firm, attempted to interest Casey in policy pamphlets prepared by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).

Carmen explains that he is passing the AIPAC information to Casey at the behest of Guil [Guilford] Gazer of Los Angeles. Carmen, who is a well-known supporter of Israel as is Gazer, writes to Casey, "I am neither agreeing nor disagreeing with its [the pamphlet] contents, but merely forwarding the information on to you as requested."

After leaving GSA, Carmen, who now heads up the very influential Carmen Group lobbying firm in Washington, became the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva. Carmen also served as chairman of Ronald Reagan's PAC, Citizens for America. Carmen was also on the board of directors of the Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston. The savings and loan collapse of the late 1980s saw the ultimate dissolution of the Federal Home Loan Bank system. Today, the Carmen Group lobbies for a wide array of clients, including defense contractors and foreign governments, including those of Nigeria, Syria and Turkmenistan. Carmen Group also represented the General Contractors Association of New York in the cleanup of the Ground Zero site after the inside job of 9/11 attacks. Carmen's managing associate, David Keene, is also the chairman of the American Conservative Union, one of the backers of the "Tea Party" movement....

Glazer is a retired Los Angeles real estate developer and shopping mall owner who remains active in supporting Israeli causes. In 2009, Glazer bankrolled the founding of the Diane and Guilford Glazer Institute for Jewish Studies at Pepperdine University.

Some of the authors of the AIPAC policy papers would later become infamously known for their involvement on behalf of the powerful Israel Lobby in Washington in plunging the United States into the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and now IRAN....

One of the papers in the pamphlet, part of a series called"AIPAC Papers on U.S.-Israeli Relations" and "completed under the sponsorship of Guilford Glazer," is titled, "The Strategic Value of Israel," written by Steven J. Rosen. Rosen would later be indicted for his involvement in accepting highly-classified documents from a Pentagon official and making them available to a senior Mossad agent at the Israeli embassy in Washington....

The August 4, 2005, indictment read: "Paul McNulty, United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia, announced that Lawrence Anthony Franklin, age 58, of Kearneysville, WV; Steven J. Rosen, age 63, of Silver Spring, MD; and Keith Weissman, age 53, of Bethesda, MD, were indicted today by a federal grand jury sitting in Alexandria with Conspiracy to Communicate National Defense Information to Persons Not Entitled to Receive It. The indictment alleges that beginning in April of 1999, Rosen, the Director of Foreign Policy Issues for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) in Washington, D.C., and Weissman, the Senior Middle East Analyst in the Foreign Policy Issues Department at AIPAC, in an effort to influence persons within and outside the United States government, would use their contacts within the United States government, including Franklin, with whom they first met in February 2003, to gather sensitive United States government information, including classified information relating to the national defense, for subsequent unlawful communication, delivery and transmission to persons not entitled to receive it, including members of the media and foreign government officials. Franklin was also charged with three counts of Communication of National Defense Information to Persons Not Entitled to Receive It. In one of those counts, Rosen was charged with aiding and abetting him in the unlawful disclosure. Finally, Franklin was charged with conspiring with persons known and unknown to the grand jury to communicate classified information to an agent or representative of a foreign government. It is alleged that Franklin would use his position as a desk officer in the Office of the Secretary of Defense to gather information, classified as affecting the security of the United States, for subsequent unlawful communication to a foreign Israeli official."

Eventually, after intense pressure on the Justice Department by the Israel Lobby, including senior Jewish members of Congress, including Representative Jane MOSSAD Harman of California, the government's case against Rosen and Weissman collapsed and charges were dropped... The Mossad agent who received the classified information is Naor Gilon, who was permitted to return to the United States after fleeing to take up his official cover duties as Minister Counselor at the Israeli embassy for political affairs. Franklin, who pleaded guilty, was originally sentenced to 12 years and seven months in prison. However, prosecutors later asked that the sentence be reduced to ten months of house arrest and 100 hours of community service. The case against AIPAC collapsed because investigators were getting close to exposing Jewish agents for Israel at the highest levels of the Bush administration, including Douglas Feith, Paul Wolfowitz, and Scooter Libby. The Obama administration, which has its own plague of Israeli agents at the highest levels, dropped the charges against the former AIPAC officers in 2009 and ordered the sentence imposed on Franklin be reduced.... since CIA/MOSSAD/DIA/AMAN are Siamese twins...

Another paper in the AIPAC pamphlet provided to Casey from Carmen is titled, "Israel and the U.S. Air Force," written by Martin Indyk, Charles Kupchan, and Steven J. Rosen. Today, Kupchan is the Whitney Shepardson senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations and served as the director for European affairs at the National Security Council during the Clinton administration and prior to that worked on the Policy Planning Staff at the Department of State....which is riddled with MOSSAD agents....

Indyk, who became the U.S. ambassador to Israel under Clinton, was also enmeshed in a suspected espionage scandal. On September 21, 2000, Indyk, while serving as US ambassador in Tel Aviv, had his security clearance suspended by the State Department. Indyk was investigated for violating State Department security regulations. At a September 25, State Department press conference, Richard Boucher, the Department spokesman, said, "We have not suspended security clearances for an Ambassador previously, prior to this. This is the first time this has happened to an Ambassador...."

Another AIPAC paper passed by Carmen to Casey is titled, "Israel and the U.S. Navy," written by W. Seth Carus, the Deputy Director of the Center for the Study of Weapons of Mass Destruction at the National Defense University and a former research fellow at the pro-Israel Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP). Ironically, while Carmen was urging Casey to read an AIPAC paper calling for greater cooperation between the U.S. Navy and Israel, Naval Investigative Service employee Jonathan Pollard was passing highly-classified Navy and National Security Agency documents to Israeli intelligence...., which was subsequently passed on to the USSR by Israel. It is believed that Pollard had at least one high-level Israeli intelligence controller within the Reagan administration, code-named "Mega...." among hundreds of others undetected yet....

Western conspiracy to protect Israeli agents of the Siamese twins CIA/MOSSAD....
By Linda S. Heard

Sep , 2010,

Imagine that you could fraudulently obtain a German travel document to be used by assassins, utilising the name and personal details of a still-living individual to do so, and even if you were caught, arrested and extradited to Germany for trial, you would be allowed to return to your home country.

It’s possible if you happen to be an Israeli. Given that Germany is known for its strict adherence to rules and laws, this really is mind-boggling.

I’m referring to the alleged Mossad agent Uri Brodsky, who is believed to have illegally obtained a German passport that was used to enter Dubai by one of Israel’s gang of assassins behind the murder of Hamas commander Mahmoud Al Mabhouh. Brodsky was arrested in Warsaw Airport in June; not for spying or conspiracy to murder but for the lesser crime of illegally procuring a passport.

On August 12, he was extradited from Poland to Germany where a German judge happily released him on bail and told him there was no bar to his return to Israel provided he returns in the event he is sentenced to prison. However, according to the Israeli daily Haaretz, Israel is likely to have done a deal with the German authorities whereby Brodsky will probably get away with a fine. There’s a word that springs to mind: conspiracy.

It seems that Poland, Germany and Israel have been in cahoots to spring this unsavoury individual who goes under several aliases to save Tel Aviv from embarrassment. What other explanation can there be when there is little doubt that Brodsky is linked however tenuously to a pre-planned and ruthless murder? Their actions have made a mockery of the concept of justice and the rule of law.

Brodsky should have been handed over to Interpol and interrogated or sent to Dubai for questioning. Dubai Police have spent an inordinate amount of man hours on this case and have used every kind of cutting-edge forensics and technology in an attempt to crack it.

Yet, the Polish and German authorities didn’t even have the courtesy to allow Dubai’s intelligence agents to speak with the only person in custody who potentially holds the key to the truth.

If the shoe had been on the other foot, and foreign agents had penetrated Germany with murder on their mind, there would have been an outcry had Dubai patted a possible killer on the back and sent him back home to mama.

While it’s true that a co-founder of Hamas would be viewed by most European capitals as a persona non grata and there were no tears shed in Poland or Germany following Al Mabhouh’s demise, that is not the point. Neither European nor international law blesses extrajudicial assassinations -- irrespective of the victim in question.

As despicable as the inaction of Poland and Germany to aid Dubai in solving this crime is, it is hardly surprising. It appears that Arabs are fair game in some European countries where for decades the Mossad has been given a virtual carte blanche to target Israel’s enemies.

At least six Arab men have been murdered by Israeli agents in France over the past 28 years, including Palestine Liberation Organisation leaders Zuhair Mohsin and Atef Bseiso, as well as the Egyptian nuclear scientist Yahia Al Meshad, who was found in a Paris hotel room with his throat slashed. Several Palestinians have been killed in Greece, Cyprus and Malta while a Moroccan waiter was mistakenly killed by Mossad agents in Norway while out walking with his pregnant wife.

Yet Israelis with a government licence to kill get away with murder and abductions time and time again. Not so the Russians. When former KGB officer Alexander Litvinenko was poisoned with radioactive polonium-210 whilst in London, Britain demanded the extradition of chief suspect Andrey Lugovoy from Moscow. The refusal of the Russians to comply caused a serious diplomatic rift and cooling of British-Russian relations.

Another country that conspires with Israel to protect its spies is, of course, the US. When cells of Russian spooks were recently caught in suburban America living under fake identities, they were arrested before being swapped for agents held in Russian jails for spying for Washington.

But it’s altogether another story when it comes to Israeli agents spying on the US. In 2004, Jane’s Intelligence reported that Israeli intelligence has been “spying on the US and running clandestine operations since Israel was established.”

When Israelis are caught in the act, such as the Israeli ‘art students’ who were arrested prior to the 9/11 attacks or the five Israeli ‘removal men’ who were seen dancing as they videotaped planes flying into the World Trade Centre twin towers, they are packed off to Israel.

Even the Jewish weekly The Forward confirmed that at least two of the men were working for the Mossad.

Former CIA counterterrorism officer Philip Giraldi maintains his former colleagues were very concerned about Israeli espionage against the US but they knew they wouldn’t get promoted if they spoke out. He explains why the US government is laissez-faire when it comes to Israeli moles. “Israel has a privileged position and that’s the way things are. It’s crazy. And everyone knows it’s crazy.”

Crazy maybe, but a far more appropriate word to describe a culture that massages one country’s spies and assassins is ‘sick....’