Monday, May 11, 2009

Musharraf had handlers in Mossad-US and CIA at least since the 80.

Musharraf had handlers in Mossad-US Agency at least since the 80....

The mysterious relationship between General Musharraf and the CIA began in the 60s at SSG – the special service group (commando unit at Cherat in NWFP). Mush stayed there for seven years – an unusually long period. Mush was recruited in by the CIA 1966. Mush stayed at SSG up to 1973. And then Mossad came in the picture when Musharraf went to Turkey for training.....

However, how does it connect to Musharraf and him being the agent of foreign intelligence agencies long before he even thought that he would be the Commander in Chief? Here are some tips for thoughtful, resourceful and brave researchers to find the truth about the real Musharraf and bring him to justice for treason and betrayal under his own Army Act:

- Question: Why was Musharraf fired in Oct. 1999?

- Tip –1 : Musharraf’s illegal foreign contacts are not so hidden either . Some were revealed, but no one will talk. They became state secrets. See the case of Javed Hashmi, for example.

- Tip – 2: In the 80s, there was a Journalist John Doe and his wife Agent Jane Doe, in Rawalpindi.
John Doe was divorcing his wife. It was in court. Musharraf was the representative of the lady Jane Doe in the court. Divorce happened but Mush made sure that John Doe did not open his mouth about the real reason behind the divorce in Public Court.

The real reason behind the journalist John Doe divorcing his wife was that she was an agent of a foreign intelligence agency. As John Doe discovered it, he no longer wanted to continue the marriage. Interestingly, journalist John Doe’s wife was a very close relative of Musharraf.

- Tip – 3: This is authentic story. But to find out about the journalist John Doe and his wife Jane Doe in detail, one has to check the family court record in Rawalpindi. During the divorce proceedings Musharraf was the representative of the lady Jane Doe.

It shows that as an Army officer, Pervez Musharraf covered the connection of a lady to a foreign intelligence agency. Normally one is supposed to tell the authorities. That gives credence to the well founded allegations that he also had, and still has, foreign handlers.

How is it connected to 9/11? When I was doing my research into the ISI connection to 9/11, I gave General Musharraf a huge benefit of the doubt in the book, From BCCI to ISI: The Saga of Entrapment Continues. However, the deeper one goes, the more he realizes that it is almost impossible that ISI would be using its human assets; its human assets will be linked to the CIA, M16 and others; the human assets will be meeting Osama and the foreign agencies at the same time; the Chief of the ISI will also be meeting his human assets as well as the high level officials in the US around the same time and also wiring money ($100,000) to the lead “hijacker” in the Operation 9/11.

Gen. Mahmoud Ahmad was never questioned by 911 commission, is a Tableeghi
Jamaat member with a long beard now. He maintains a house at Mai de Khoi, Faisalabad and one in Islamabad. He was chairman of a government entity like fertilizer corporation. Musharraf was never asked as to why he said,” Daniel Pearl got over intrusive……”. Why Omar Sheikh was never produced in an open court? And why Benazir talks of Omar Shiekh as the murderer of Osama with David Frost on November 2,2007?

Musharraf was the Director Military Intelligence when the CIA supported the creation of the Taliban/Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. Brig. Gen. Ejaz Shah was the handler of Omar Sheikh per Benazir. This shows Musharraf was very much part of 911 and cover up (of it being inside job with Dick Cheney at Command.

Musharraf’s connections to foreign intelligence agencies since the early period of his carrier suggests that he is not out of the loop when it comes to operation 9/11. He is one of the main culprits. If any other individual had sent even a dime to Atta, he might have died of waterboarding and other torture techniques by now. However, General Mohamoud is a free main in Pakistan. So despite deep connections to the alleged hijackers to the ISI, nothing happens to the Pakistani Generals or Pakistan as such. To the contrary, remember how former CIA director James Woolsey tried to prove Atta met Iraq security officials, but could not. That was the time when they were looking for justifications for the war of aggression on Iraq.

Eqbal Ahmad in 1998 said that Osama was just the excuse to go into the Oil lands……Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan. And his observation seems true. The warlords needed time. They needed moles at the highest positions, such as the Chief of Pakistan armed forces. Musharraf had to kill the Chief of Air staff Mushaf Ali Mir because he won’t agree with Musharraf’s policy and planning(Mushaf was a patriot). He had to depart. Mushaf died in a plane crash in clear weather in the most safest plane, along with his wife and closest confidants. Controversial author Gerald Posner implies that all of these events are linked together and the deaths are not accidental, but have occurred because of the testimony of captured al-Qaeda leader Abu Zubaida in March 2002 (see Early April 2002). The deaths all occurred not long after the respective governments were told of Zubaida’s confessions. This simply confirms foreign hand in Mushaf’s murder.

Benazir did not agree to Musharraf policies. Note that Musharraf says that she was “very unpopular in the Army“. Musharraf thinks he alone is the Army. Benazir would not budge on his uniform issue. She had to go.

Musharraf has violated his Oath five times. It is up to the Patriotic Army men to understand the situation and use the Army Act on Musharraf to protect Pakistan from internal aggression.

Abid Ullah Jan is the author of “The Musharraf Factor” and edit


The above article by Abid Ullah Jan is well researched. However he misses the most serious crimes of Busharaf, among many which need to be focused on:

It is alleged Busharaf as Brigadier in the late 1980’s, and later as Major-general organized Arab Wahabi with Pashtun Sunni Jehadis, to wage war against Pakistanis who were Shia in the NWFP and the Northern territories. And that that policy has continued since then into 2009, at a much reduced level through the Pakistan military controlled Taliban. Creating a civil war scenario like Iraq, besides the human cost against fellow Pakistanis.

Busharf along with three other generals planned the Kargil war, in order to undermine the Sharif government, which was seeking comprehensive peace with India, which in turn had it been realized would have strengthened the position of the Sharif government and increased its international stature. The war with India besides being illegal by the standards of International law, was poorly planned and carried out, without the slightest intention of winning; no regular heavy units were committed to that campaign, but instead poorly armed and trained irregulars, NLI and a few SSG. Busharaf and his pals casually strolled into war against a nuclear foe, and reportedly playing golf at the height of the brief war. Besides the loss of prestige for the military, and the nation, about 4,000 men died on Pakistan’s side.

Finally of course Busharafs participation in the “al-Qaeda” GWOT myth, and the handing over of 650 innocent mostly Afghans with Pakistanis, to legitimate and reinforce the JEWUSA lie.

There are no crimes greater that even comes close to what Busharf has done against Pakistan. That he is being slowly groomed to retake power by his American backers, and he conspires thus extensively for his American masters in Pakistan is an absolute outrage.


BUT Busharaf is one man, and one thinks there are other foreign backed agents in the Pakistan military……it could be Kiyani, or more likely Suja Pasha, head of the ISI.

We see what happened to Iraq when the Americans bought the entire intelligence, and military of Saddam, before they invaded the country and “liberated” it. 1.2 million Iraqis dead; 4.5 million internal and external refugees; the country ethnically cleansed into three separate parts, with three different administrations; the levels of physical destruction to the country, and the JEWUSA is not done yet…..they are going to be there for another few decades.

A lot of Pakistan’s problems could be solved if the Pakistan military is sorted out, and the American’s distanced from interfering with Pakistani affairs.

If not, then its the legacy of Mir Jafar again………and an unfolding tragedy for generations to come. For Pakistanis there are ample historical warnings of such things.

Pakistanis must not be shy in seeking out the Mir Jafars amongst them.