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More indications come forward that 9/11 was a massive internal plot by treasonous Americans and Israelis....

As time goes by, More indications come forward that 9/11 was a massive internal plot by treasonous Americans and Israelis....

People speak off the record because if they don't they will be hounded by the arrogant and brazen Zionists who control the media and their livelihoods. Government whistleblowers especially... are under threat now and a big chill has set in throughout Washington DC.....

2011 -- Further details of the real 9/11 culprits continue to emerge...

Multiple sources have reported to us on more details of the 9/11 attacks that so drastically altered life in America....

One of the designers of the New York City Emergency Command Center, located on the 23rd floor of Building 7, which collapsed later in the afternoon of September 11 and was relatively unscathed by the collapse of the North and South Towers, said that his colleagues in the center informed him during the morning that they had to evacuate Building 7 because "they were going to pull the building."

In a television documentary, the lease of the World Trade Center, Larry Silverstein, president of Silverstein Properties, said of Building 7, which collapsed at 5:20 pm on September 11, "I said, you know, we've had such terrible loss of life. Maybe the smartest thing to do is to pull it." Silverstein's supporters later claimed that he meant "pull" the firefighters from the building. However, there were no firefighters in Building 7, they had been withdrawn from the building at 11:30 am.

The Emergency Command Center designer's statement that his colleagues were told to evacuate during the morning because the building would be "pulled" is another clue that Silverstein was never talking about firefighters when he stated "pull it," that the decision to conduct a controlled demolition of the structure was made long beforehand...

"Remember remember the eleventh of September
Explosives, treason and plot...
I see no reason why explosives, treason
Should ever be forgotten...
"[paraphrased from Guy Fawkes Day nursery rhyme].

Another informed source has told us that New York-New Jersey Port Authority police were aware that Silverstein had called off a regular breakfast meeting at the "Windows on the World" restaurant on the top floor of the North Tower but not for what Silverstein's wife claimed to have been a hastily-arranged appointment at his dermatologist. Silverstein maintained temporary offices on the 88th floor of the North Tower. However, on the morning of 9/11, Silverstein called off his 8:30 am business meeting and we have been told that a Port Authority police officer assigned to assist Silverstein, who had recently leased the World Trade Center from the port authority, overheard Silverstein tell his daughter Lisa, a vice president of Silverstein Properties, not to come to the area around the Trade Center during the morning of 9/11. American Airlines flight 11, or what was alleged to have been the passenger aircraft, struck the North Tower at 8:44 am.

Silverstein later sought to collect $7 billion in damages from World Trade Center insurers.

We are reporting the alleged "flight 11" because of yet another statement we have received. A Kroll Associates assistant to retired FBI Assistant Director John P. O'Neill was with her boss on the morning of 9/11. O'Neill had been hired by Kroll's Jerome Hauer as director of World Trade Center security just 19 days before the attack. O'Neill died in the collapse of the towers but his assistant was later pulled from the rubble by a New York City firefighter. O'Neill's assistant later told the firefighter who rescued her that after the planes hit the North and South Towers, O'Neill declared, "Those planes are being controlled from the ground." O'Neill's remains were not recovered from the debris of Ground Zero until September 22, 2001.....

People speak off the record because if they don't they will be hounded by the arrogant and brazen Zionists who control the media and their livelihoods. Government whistle-blowers especially... are under threat now and a big chill has set in throughout Washington DC.....

who killed John O'Neil?

Get past the first fifteen minutes of this powerful 100 minute film, it's like a threshold to info you need to know...
To the jury: "ladies and gentlemen, we all understand that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. in each 9/11 implosion demolition the measurable Reaction force was at least 100 TIMES GREATER than the reported (known) Action force -- 100 TIMES GREATER using conservative measures of the Force of the building Reaction, and perhaps 1000 TIMES out-of-balance if the true and accurate measurements could be known. It is a scientific fact: that the Reaction was NOT equal, it was GREATER THAN the Action and the only physically possible way for that is by the existence of unreported 'extra' Force in Action in the building, and that unreported Force was EXPLOSIVES. Planted. Ahead of time. Including in Bldg.7 -- primarily occupied by CIA and FBI offices and personnel."

Here is the evidence proven as fact in science:

"Oh, and by the way, the pulverized dust spread across Manhattan a half-inch thick contains, still today, abundant samples of explosives residue. specifically nano thermate. another scientific fact. courtroom admissible. culprits convictable way beyond a reasonable doubt."

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

NSA, DOJ, and courts conspire to cover-up NSA fraud, waste, abuse, and criminal conspiracy at trial....

Hitting the JACKPOT at NSA goes unpunished while whistle-blower is charged with espionage....

March , 2011 -- SPECIAL REPORT. NSA, DOJ, and courts conspire to cover-up NSA fraud, waste, abuse, and criminal conspiracy at trial....

In the trial of former National Security Agency (NSA) executive Thomas Drake, federal prosecutors have convinced an agreeable federal judge, Richard D. Bennett, to place under court seal previously-released trial documents because they have been deemed "For Official Use Only" or FOUO. Drake is accused of leaking classified materials to the media and is only the fourth person in U.S. history to be charged with violating the 1917 Espionage Act.

FOUO is not a national security classification and it never has been one, although there were attempts by the Reagan, George H W Bush, and George W. Bush administrations to create a "restricted" or "sensitive but unclassified" (SBU) national security classification immediately below the current lowest national security classification, which is Confidential. Expansion of national security classification categories beyond the current three -- Top Secret, Secret, and Confidential, in addition to Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) special access categories -- but these have been unsuccessful. George W. Bush's creation of a Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) category was rescinded by Executive Order 13556 on November 4, 2010.

Although President Obama rescinded Bush's CUI presidential memorandum, federal prosecutors are trying to argue that CUI continues to exist as a national security classification under the guise of FOUO. The argument demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of the classification scheme used by NSA. However, in past trials, notable that of NSA analyst Kenneth Ford, Jr., jailed after a political show trial waged by DOJ neocons in league with a "shopped" federal judge. In the Ford case, the NSA wanted to cover up the cooking of signals intelligence from Iraq in order to justify the attack on and occupation of Iraq....

However, NSA and Justice Department prosecutors are continuing to insist that FOUO is a security classification in the trial of Drake, however, NSA and DOJ decided to go after Drake because the documents he stands accused of passing to The Baltimore Sun, points to massive misuse of taxpayer's money and contract fraud under the NSA directorships of retired General Michael Hayden and current director General Keith Alexander. Alexander is also the commander of the U.S. Cyber Command. The fraud committed by Hayden, Alexander, and senior NSA officials amounted to hundreds of millions of dollars in wasteful expenditures. In some cases, the waste on certain contractor-supplied intelligence systems were life threatening, as far as troops on the ground were concerned. The fraudulent contract expenditures were part of NSA's massive TRAILBLAZER and GROUNDBREAKER outsourced modernization and restructuring programs.

On March 18, in response to a request from federal prosecutors, Bennett sealed two documents that were previously available on the court's own website. The documents sealed describe the classified contents of several documents seized at Drake's home, however, the documents appear to be unclassified working papers that the government, after the fact, is trying to argue are classified at the levels of Secret and Top Secret...

Drake's federal public defenders have argued in one of the sealed documents that the government's argument that the documents found in Drake's home is flawed due to the fact that the documents could not be construed as classified at Secret or Top Secret merely because they contain the words "FOUO" and "COMINT." COMINT is communications intelligence and by itself does not mean that the document is classified at "Handle Via COMINT Channels Only," a special handling caveat for SCI special access categories. In fact, the National Cryptologic Museum, which is adjacent to NSA headquarters and open to the public, freely uses "COMINT" in its displays. In addition, the commercial International Spy Museum in downtown Washington, DC has held public seminars on issues dealing with, among other tradecraft, "COMINT."

From the sealed DOJ letter arguing that the documents found in Drake's home are classified, it is clear that NSA, which has played fast and loose with the truth in previous trials and administrative actions against its whistle-blowing employees, has tried to re-classify previous unclassified "working papers" as being Secret and Top Secret to bolster its case against Drake.

We have previously obtained NSA contractor documents that were deemed by the contractor and NSA, itself, as unclassified and the Drake documents appear to fall within the same category. The unclassified documents that were re-classified as Top Secret and Secret have titles such as "Trial and Testing," "Collections Sites," "Volume is Our Friend," "What a Success," "Regular Meetings," "Shoestring Budget," "BAG," "Buy vs. Make," "TT Notes," "Terrorism Threat," "Note Card 1", "Note Card 2," and more intriguing, "9/11 Commission...." and " The White House Murder INC, "... We previously reported that NSA's security directorate, the "Q Group," has engaged in massive surveillance of employees and journalists, including this editor, to plug any leaks on NSA information on the False Flag 9/11 attacks, and " The infamous White House Murder INC, "... . Bennett, in his ruling on March 18, agreed to NSA's and lead federal prosecutor William Welch II's request that previously unclassified court filings be placed under seal.

While NSA and DOJ seek to convict Drake for having unclassified For Official use Only documents in which the terms "FOUO" and "COMINT" appear, we have obtained a similar Unclassified For Official Use Only (FOUO) document written by Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), one of the major contractors for the fraud-ridden GROUNDBREAKER program. In the document, from which is providing excerpts, there are clearly many more NSA-unique systems and terms described.

Cover terms for classified NSA systems such as HIGHCASTLE, LOOKINGGLASS, MILENIUM, FAST TRACK, ROTUNDPIPER, and BRASSCOIN are listed, along with "SIGINT" or "Signals Intelligence," an NSA mission term comparable to the "COMINT" acronym found in the working papers confiscated from Drake's home.

The CSC document, maintained by CSC contractors and sub-contractors in their cars, briefcases, and homes, were never indicted by the Justice Department on grounds they violated national security. On the other hand, many at NSA feel that companies like CSC, SAIC, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, and others, should have been indicted for the massive contract fraud carried out under the watches of Michael Hayden, George Tenet and Alexander....

In post-9/11 America, the whistleblowers to fraud, waste, and abuse stand accused of being criminals while the criminals rake in billions of dollars in taxpayers' money and are lauded as critical components of the "intelligence team."

NSA's GROUNDBREAKER and TRAILBLAZER contractors were eager to compile as many NSA systems and sub-systems as possible to cash in on the billions of dollars they could make from the NSA outsourcing work. The database that contained all the NSA systems, projects, and components ripe for outsourcing work was code-named JACKPOT. For CSC, SAIC, and certain NSA officials who spun through the revolving door after retirement and landed high-paying jobs with the contractors, it certainly was a JACKPOT and one that NSA, Q Group, the FBI, Department of Justice, and " The White House Murder INC, "... earnestly want to cover-up in the trial of Thomas Drake....

During Drake's trial, which begins next month in Baltimore, FBI agents are expected to use code words to describe different aspects of the case. One code-word that will most definitely not be heard is JACKPOT, the database of NSA contracts in which contractors and NSA retirees enriched themselves -- criminality that is only met with chirping crickets from the so-called "crime fighting" Department of Justice and the utterly corrupt FBI....

Monday, March 21, 2011

Foul play, accident or an ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT ON MERKEL?

German Chancellor Angela Merkel refused to take part in the no-fly zone over Libya.

On 16 March 2011, Angela Merkel narrowly escaped a helicopter crash while travelling to attend an election rally. (German Chancellor escapes chopper crash)

Minutes after dropping Merkel off in Oldenburg, the helicopter got into difficulty.

At an altitude of about 1,600 meters, both rotors of the Super-puma 332 chopper broke down.

The helicopter fell from the sky.

A few meters from the ground, the pilots managed to restart the engines.

German authorities are investigating how both rotors of the helicopter broke down simultaneously.

It was a brand new helicopter taken into the service of the federal police in December 2010.

Germany is the main trading partner in Europe for both Russia and China.

(BBC News - Merkel leads huge German delegation to Russia and China / German Business Moves Beyond Russia to China -

On 20 March 2011, in Libya, a three month old baby was buried....

Moammar Kaddafi was recruited by CIA in 1968....

The baby as well as ALL Libyans killed for the last 42 years are victims of CIA/MOSSAD and GADDAFI's craziness.... (Libya: Gaddafi regime buries its dead )

At least 64 people are reported to have been killed so far (20 March)

Venezuelan president
condemns Western-led bombardment of Libya

Libya: MI6 warns: oppose Gaddafi or die

Most likely scenario is Computer bug.....

The only connection between the engines is the computer fly-by-wire system....

There are always several back-up systems that automatically kick-in when a fault with computer, in theory you'd barely notice anything.

In theory.....

There's a wire stop-system at the end of all mil runways, same as aircraft carrier, this because it's quiet normal for all systems and back-up to fail in the cold damp of Europe and the pilots have to do an emergency-stop as the plane refuses to leave the runway! Remember, they'll have full tanks and probably fully bombed, too.

The pilots only start breathing when several thousand feet up, any problem usually would have shown up before this. But it's quiet normal to arrive safely back home to be told you were on the last back-up.

So it's not proven there was an assassination attempt on Merkel. More like a simple fault, one that happens all the time.

As an ex-pilot (non-mil) I can tell you ALL pilots take a deep breath on a safe landing.....

Flying is dangerous.....

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A rare US greenspace of thought in today's dimmer, dirtier world....

A rare US greenspace of thought in today's dimmer, dirtier world....

The Arabs and Iranians are looking at the United States to redeem itself....since 2011...

Sadly, this very noble aim is directly at odds with this equally true statement:

That [American] idealism has been badly eroded both at home and abroad.....

The big power governments are afraid that their exploited citizenry might take such heart from a Libyan rebel success that they (we) might try to insurrect in some way against our own Upper Classes. And the upper-class-front American government would rather see millions of Libyans die than to see millions of Americans take such inspiration from a Free Libyan success that they (we) might try something analogous against our own Koch Brothers, for example.

So people "in" the governments of America AND Europe will have to figure out how to act fast, hard, and successfully before their government-employers can shut them down cold....

I have reached the conclusion that James Clapper was exactly correct in saying that if the situation in Libya is left to its own internal resolution, Qaddafi's forces will re-conquer the country and re-establish his rule throughout.

It appears to me that four things are causing the Obama Admin’s foot-dragging on Libya:

1- American collective continuing trauma over the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and a “feeling” that this would be more of the same which it would not be.

2- Russian and Chinese unwillingness to see collective action on a principle that they think could someday be applied to them.

3- Saudi unwillingness to see another existing Arab go down. Obvious analogy.

4- Israeli government application of the 1% principle in opposing a situation they cannot predict in favor of one that they understand fully....

Impelled by these factors, the administration and those who wish to do nothing are taking refuge in an appeal to legalisms, validation in international law, the UNSC, NATO, the EU, Arab League and any number of other evasions of responsibility for the catastrophe that the "Freedom Agenda" of the Bush Administration and Obama's coat-trailing in Cairo have brought on through encouragement of revolt.

Arab intellectuals are often a pusillanimous and confused lot. Today on Farid Zakariyah's GPS show, he assembled a panel of these creatures. They managed to say that the United States should encourage FREEDOM! everywhere, everywhere, but that significant military intervention to prevent the defeat of FREEDOM would be unacceptable. The leading exponent of these mutually exclusive positions was one Rami Khouri, a Lebanese editor. He is a great favorite as an opinion giver at the US Army War College. No wonder we are screwed up....

Pat Lang

Dr. Brenner and Pat lang are absolutely right on every count..., re Libya and the broader MENA implications....

I propose that we keep in mind a few truths about who we have been as a country, where we are as a world power, and why we may reasonably wish to be down the road.

1. American idealism always has been central to our self esteem, and to our standing in the minds of other peoples, even as we have acted pragmatically (wisely or otherwise) in pursuit of our national interests. That idealism has been badly eroded at both home and abroad with the deleterious consequences strikingly evident in both spheres.

2. In an evolving world where our relative power of coercion/persuasion is destined to diminish considerably, the intangibles of status and image grow in importance as assets to be used constructively to help shape a responsible multilateral management of world affairs.

3. Our crass conduct in the Greater Middle East during the 9/11 decade has been far more costly in every respect than the Washington punditocracy (or certainly the media) know or admit. The revolutionary wave in the Arab world is a stroke of good fortune given us by the gods. It creates circumstances of historic dimensions wherein we can restore our credibility and our standing as the 'good guys.' Obama and his minions seem to have no awareness of this whatsoever.

4. The challenge is to seize that opportunity while not disregarding our valid, tangible interests that do not fully coincide with our longer term interests in being the godfather and underwriter of democracy in the region. The pivots of our strategic position have been four preoccupations: Terrorism, Iran, Israel and oil. The first three have become obsessions that defy reason and logic. A saner, more reasonable estimation of authentic interests and threats in regard to all three would markedly alter how we balance our divergent concerns and make tradeoffs between short-term and longer-term perspectives. By devaluing the multiform 'war against terrorism,' we lower our stake in Bahrain naval bases, in potentates like Yemen's Saleh, and in keeping Shi'ites at bay wherever they raise their heads.

5. The stickiest issues are raised by Saudi Arabia - because of its key role in the global oil market and because there the fall of the House of Saud could bring to power truly disagreeable people.

6. The Bahrain/Saudi link is there although I lack the expertise to estimate possible spillover effects. I do think, though, that there is no compelling reason to have Mr. Gates personally put the American imprimatur on the Bahraini royal family, or for us to embrace whatever is left of Mr. Saleh's fragile regime.

7. This is the critical moment to fight free of the lethal Israeli embrace. Two passive acts could vastly improve our position in the region and the world: leaving Bahrain and Yemeni rulers to their own devices; lowering the temperature of our campaign against the Mullahs' regime in Iran. Two active acts complement them: calling out the Israeli government; and intervening in Libya. The last is of far greater importance than the place's nominal value. Pat Lang is absolutely correct on this. Nearly everyone in the world outside of the U.S. knows on which side decency lies. They also are looking at the United States to redeem itself. It is not mainly a matter of means but of ends. Very few would mistake a focused, multilateral intervention to turn the military tide there (with no follow-an occupation) with our savaging of Iraq and Afghanistan. Peoples’ instincts usually are truer than we give them credit for. This is especially true when the lines are so sharply drawn and everyone's consciousness heightened.

Dr. Michael Brenner

Monday, March 7, 2011

In MENA, EURASIA, Southeast, South Asia, USAID is the CIA, the "US Agency for Intelligence Development" it still is today, together with most NGOs....

In MENA, EURASIA...., Southeast and South Asia, USAID is the CIA, the "US Agency for Intelligence Development" it still is today, together with most NGOs....

To the buffoons who call themselves the March14th gathering of stooges, lackeys and puppets of CIA/MOSSAD/DGSE/MI6/BND/CSIS/GID.....
Soufflés, it is said, do not rise twice...., the Lebanese Resistance of Hezbollah will prevail.
In politics, ideas are instrumental to the reproduction of power....but not such gibberish by Saatchi&Saatchi creeps.
Economic gain often prevails over moral principles in the international relations of the Middle East....and the World...
Western governments and academics are complicit in all of this charade for decades, giving the 'butchers of Tripoli and Damascus' plus undeserved respite....and they are still at it today....

March 7, 2011 -- Stanley Ann Dunham Obama Soetoro's CIA colleagues....

The time period that President Obama's mother, Stanley Ann Dunham Soetoro/Sutoro, worked for various Indonesian and Pakistani operations associated with the US Agency for International Development (USAID) was during a time frame when USAID was composed almost entirely of CIA official and non-official cover agents who worked throughout Indonesia and Southeast and South Asia.

Ann Dunham Soetoro and Barack Obama as "flexible cover" agents

Before he was sacked as CIA director in 1976 and replaced by George H. W. Bush, William E. Colby commissioned a study of the agency's priorities in a five-year plan. The Secret NOFORN plan, titled "Director of Central Intelligence: Perspectives for Intelligence 1976-1981," described the importance of agencies like USAID in the CIA's operations. The report states: "Contributions of such agencies as State, Defense, Treasury, USAID, USIA, Agriculture, and Commerce can be enhanced substantially by more effective approaches to information gathering and in the reporting aspects of their activities. We need particularly, gains in the interrelationships between overt and clandestine and technical and human sources. We must establish more direct lines between our human collectors and our technical collectors."

Classified CIA documents from the late 1970s, while Dunham Soetoro was working for USAID, the CIA-linked Development Alternatives, Inc. and East-West Center of the University of Hawaii, describe in great detail the type of deep agent "flexible cover" under which she worked for the CIA. A Secret paper written by C.D. Edbrook as a basic text for CIA agent training and titled "Principles of Deep Cover," describes the environment in which Obama's mother worked in both Indonesia and later, Pakistan.

Edbrook defines "flexible cover" as "a logical reason for interest in diversified local groups" and "mobility." Dunham Soetoro's varied employers in Indonesia suggest that her career met the definition of a "flexible agent," either a non-official cover (NOC) employee of the CIA or a career contract agent. The latter became highly favored in the late 1970s after CIA director Stansfield Turner sacked a number of career clandestine services officers. On career contract agents, Edbrook clearly favored their use in stating: "many of the problems of deep cover are avoided when a service can recruit suitable agents already embarked on legitimate careers."

From January 1968 to December 1969, Dunham Soetoro worked for the Indonesia-America Friendship Institute in Jakarta, a suspected CIA front. Dunham was also co-founder of the Indonesian Heritage Society at the National Museum in Jakarta. She worked at the Society as a volunteer from 1968 to 1972. In 1969, the CIA Jakarta CIA station chief was Stuart E. Methven whose official cover was embassy political officer. Methven became the CIA station chief in Kinshasa, Zaire in 1974 from where he launched the CIA's covert war against the government of Angola.

From January 1970 to August 1972, Dunham Soetoro was an executive at the Institute of Management Education and Development (IMED) in Jakarta, likely a continuation of her CIA flexible cover employment.

From 1972 to 1975, Dunham Soetoro double-dipped, returning to the University of Hawaii to obtain her Masters of Arts in anthropology from the University of Hawaii, under a grant from the CIA-funded Asia Foundation, while continuing to serve under contract IMED in Jakarta. The CIA's liaison for various USAID programs in Jakarta was Vincent Michael Shields who operated under official cover as the embassy's economic and commercial attaché.

From 1972 to 1975, Dunham Soetoro taught Indonesian crafts at the Bishop Museum in Honolulu, further developing her "flexible cover" credentials. In 1975, the year Indonesia invaded East Timor with the support of the CIA, Dunham Soetoro returned to conduct "anthropological field work" on Java. Dunham Soetoro worked in Jakarta in 1975 and moved to work in Yogyakarta in 1976.

In March 1977, Dunham Soetoro taught a course under Professor Leon Mears at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Indonesia in Jakarta. The course was designed for the staff of the Indonesian National Development Planning Agency (BAPPENAS). From June 1977 to September 1978, Dunham Soetoro returned to Yogyakarta and researched small village industries under a grant from the CIA-linked East-West Center.

In May 1978, Dunham Soetoro returned to Jakarta and consulted with the International Labor Organization to develop recommendations on village industries for the Suharto regime's third five-year plan, REPELITA III. On November 24, 1980, Dunham divorced Lolo Soetoro. From 1977 to 1980, the CIA station chief in Jakarta was Carl Edward Gephardt. Case officers at the CIA station during this time frame were economics section officer James D. Anders, Jr.; Ronald M. Cinal, whose previous posting was Nairobi, Kenya; and William H. Wright, who worked in 1977 at the consulate in Surabaya -- while Dunham Soetoro was working in the Surabaya CIA station city of responsibility Yogyakarta -- and who was transferred in 1979 to Jakarta.

Dunham Soetoro's field work extended throughout Java: a major target in the CIA's influence extension operations.

From October 1978 to December 1980, under contract to USAID and Development Alternatives, Inc. (DAI), a CIA front company, Dunham consulted on rural industries development in central Java. The CIA's station chief in Jakarta in June 1980 was Warren E. Frank and the deputy chief of station from July 1979 through 1980 was Harrison McAlpine, who, from 1971 to 1974, was a USAID "public administration adviser" in Vientiane, Laos. Also at the CIA station in Jakarta in 1980 was Robert H. Mills, operating under official cover of embassy First Secretary and who, form 1972 to 1974, was operating at the U.S. Consulate in Surabaya, eastern Java, as a USAID "public safety program" officer.

The identities of the CIA agents assigned to Indonesia in the late 1960s, 70s, and 80s were compiled in various writings by the whistleblowing former CIA agent Philip Agee.

From January 1981 to November 1984, Dunham worked under the cover of the Ford Foundation's Southeast Regional Office in Jakarta. Dunham's grants came from the head of the foundation's grant program in New York, Peter Geithner, the father of Timothy Geithner, the current Treasury Secretary.

Edbrook's paper on "deep cover" describes Dunham Soetoro's checkerboard employment record to a tee: "The cover with the best chance of enduring in any area is one that does not feed off the area but contributes needed skills or knowledge or a commodity that is lacking . . . non-commercial cover may be more desirable in some places: in newly independent countries, for instance, teachers or technicians may be more needed and welcome than business representatives and the desire of the new governments to get them elsewhere than from the former colonial power may provide another nation with cover opportunities for its own nationals or for third-national agents."

In post-coup Indonesia, neither the Dutch, the former colonial rulers, or the Chinese, who were linked to the previous Sukarno government, were held in esteem. Thus, "teachers" like Dunham Soetoro were able to make instant inroads in urban and rural areas alike while keeping her CIA cover intact. Similarly, Obama's 1981 trip from Indonesia to Pakistan and southern India, reportedly using an Indonesian passport issued to "Barry Soetoro," describes Edbrook's "cover opportunities" for "third-national agents."
The pressure the Obama administration applied to newspapers like The New York Times to hold off on publishing details on Raymond Davis, the sometimes CIA contract employee and currently, its acting station chief in Pakistan and jailed by Pakistan for murder, exemplifies Obama's strong support, even empathy, for CIA covert operations. Similarly, the Obama administration has applied strong pressure on Cuba to release jailed accused CIA spy Alan Gross, who operated in Cuba under Development Alternatives, Inc., the same CIA-USAID front company that employed Obama's mother in Indonesia.

Obama hired by front company as CIA launched major propaganda offensive through media

In fact, Obama's own work in New York for CIA front company Business International Corporation (BIC), after graduating from Columbia University, came after President Reagan signed the classified National Security Council Decision Directive 77. NSCDD-77 authorized the CIA and other intelligence agencies to produce mountains of disinformation, biased news, propaganda, and planted news stories in the name of "Project Democracy" and the renewed ideological war against Communism. The plan was the reincarnation of CIA Plans Director Frank Wisner, Sr.'s "Mighty Wurlitzer," the CIA's worldwide propaganda and deception operation that relied on, in part, firms like BIC. Wisner was also the originator of the CIA's program to recruit foreign students attending U.S. universities -- students like Barack Obama, Sr. and Lolo Soetoro -- to serve as CIA agents after they returned to their home nations. Funding for the students tuition was either made directly by the CIA or through foundations like the East-West Center at the University of Hawaii. Perhaps not coincidentally, Wisner's son, Frank Wisner, Jr., was dispatched as President Obama's special envoy to Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak during his waning days in office.

From 1983 to 1984, Obama edited a BIC newsletter titled "Financing Foreign Operations," a topic that his grandmother, who he called "Toot," was more than familiar considering her role in back channeling CIA pay-offs through the BankoH. In addition to writing for "Business International Money Report," Barack Obama specialized in writing about the financial situations in Mexico and Brazil. BIC was allegedly involved in politics in Australia and Fiji in the 1980s, supporting the CIA's initiatives to discredit politicians seen as anti-American, including Australian Labor Party lobbyist David Combe, former Australian Attorney General and High Court judge Lionel Murphy, and Fijian Prime Minister Timoci Bavadra. It has been reported that eleven CIA agents were present in Suva on May 14, 1987, when Fijian Lieutenant Colonel Sitiveni Rabuka ousted Bavadra's government in a coup said to have been the mastermind of retired General Vernon Waters, the old CIA hand who served as Reagan's ambassador to the UN. BIC's headquarters were located at 1 Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, across the street from the UN headquarters. Bavadra accused Walters of helping to engineer the coup in Fiji. "Toot" Dunham had retired from BankoH in 1986, the year before the coup.

In 1984, Obama left his high-paying job at BIC to literally "parachute" into south Chicago to become a "community organizer." Obama's mission had little to do with organizing a blighted community -- after the CIA's OPERATION CHAOS, a domestic spying operation against radical groups was shut down after the Watergate scandal, President Reagan and William Casey restored it under a different name and greatly expanded its operations. In Chicago, the surveillance targets for Obama included the feared El Rukn gang, thought to have links to Muammar Qaddafi's Libyan government, the Black Panthers, and the Nation of Islam.

Madelyn Dunham: on watch at Hawaii bank during major CIA financial operations in Pacific region

In 1970, Dunham Soetoro's mother, Madelyn Dunham, became one of the first female vice presidents of the Bank of Hawaii in Honolulu. We previously reported that Madelyn Dunham handled a number of escrow accounts through which the CIA paid off leaders and politicians in various Asian countries where the "BankoH" maintained branches, including Indonesia. 1970 was the same year that Australian banker Frank Nugan and US Green Beret officer and CIA agent Michael Hand formed Australasian and Pacific Holdings, Ltd., a CIA proprietary firm that shared investors with executives of the CIA's Air America and USAID.

In 1973, using the profits from Australasian and Pacific Holdings, Nugan and Hand established the Nugan Hand Bank, with branches or offices in Chiang Mai, Thailand; Manila; Taipei; the Cayman Islands; Honolulu; Singapore; Kuala Lumpur; Hong Kong; Washington, DC; Cape Town; and Sydney. The Chiang Mai branch laundered profits from drug smuggling while the other branches paid off Pacific region politicians and handled accounts used for weapons smuggling. In January 1980, when Nugan's body was discovered in his Mercedes on a quiet road in Sydney, the business card of William Colby was found in his pocket. Nugan Hand Bank was established while Colby was CIA director....

Nugan Hand Bank also financed the supply of bombs and other explosive materials, as well as weapons like machine guns, helicopter gunships, and rocket launchers, to terrorists. The terrorist arming operation was carried out largely by a CIA military carve-out known as U.S. Navy Task Force 157, which likely used the CIA's paramilitary training base at Harvey Point, North Carolina as one of its operational centers. The Nugan Hand-Task Force 157 operations involved secret arms deals with Thailand, Brazil, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon....[ Mr. Elie HOBEIKA knew every single aspect of those operations and much more....., Hence, he was to be assassinated by the Infamous White House Murder INC, January 24th 2002....] , Iran, Angola, and Libya....etc,.... The operation was linked to CIA arms smugglers Edwin P. Wilson, Frank Terpil, Nugan Hand's Saudi branch chief Bernie Houghton, CIA oil specialist Walter McDonald, CIA Canberra station chief John D. Walker, and former CIA White House liaison officer John Paisley. Paisley's body was found in 1978 in the Chesapeake Bay, weighed down with anchor chain and with a single gunshot wound to the head. Paisley's death was later ruled a suicide. In 1996, Colby's body was also found underwater in the Chesapeake Bay. Colby's death was ruled a drowning after suffering a heart seizure. Most of Nugan Hand's business records were destroyed in a high-priority and global CIA black bag operation.

As Nugan Hand Bank was collapsing, in 1979, the CIA quickly moved to establish a replacement firm in Honolulu, Bishop, Baldwin, Rewald, Dillingham, and Wong (BBRDW). The name of the firm borrowed the names of prominent Hawaii families, including Bishop, whose name graces the Bishop Museum of Honolulu, where Dunham Soetoro worked from 1972 to 1975 while studying under a grant from the CIA-linked Asia Foundation. Operating as an international investment firm, BBRDW quickly filled the vacuum left by Nugan Hand and it opened offices in all the countries where Nugan Hand maintained branches, including Hong Kong, Taipei, Jakarta, Singapore, Cayman Islands, and Sydney, with additional locations in Auckland, Stockholm, London, Paris, Sao Paulo, and Santiago. BBRDW also did business with BankoH when Madelyn Dunham was still handling the secretive escrow accounts.

BBRDW collapsed in 1983 but there was another CIA replacement already ramped up: the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), which had taken over First American Bank of Washington, DC. First American handled the secret financial operations for some 200 CIA proprietary companies established after William Casey became director of the CIA in 1981. Casey appointed CIA veteran Douglas Mulholland to act as the CIA's point man at the Treasury Department, with a side liaison function to the Federal Reserve Bank, to ensure that the CIA's secret financial deals remained that way -- secret. Eminent Democratic Party politicians like former Defense Secretary Clark Clifford and Robert Altman were brought in to run First American to provide the First American's CIA drug money and weapons smuggling laundering operations with cover and legitimacy. When BCCI's unsavory operations became known in 1988, Senator John Kerry, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, suddenly began to waffle on conducting a thorough investigation of BCCI after it was discovered that two top Democrats -- Clifford and Altman -- as well as the CIA, were using the bank for covert and illegal activities. House Banking Committee chairman Henry Gonzalez (D-TX) suspected that Kerry and House Intelligence Committee chairman Lee Hamilton (D-IN) were covering up for Langley. Kerry, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, is now used as a virtual shadow Secretary of State by Obama. Before BCCI collapsed in 1990, the CIA ensured that key bank documents held by Treasury and the Fed were destroyed in another major bank shredding operation.

BCCI's international branches were more ubiquitous than those of Nugan Hand and BBRDW combined. BCCI, with its headquarters in Luxembourg, maintained branches in Washington, DC; Grand Cayman; London, Chicago, New York, Abu Dhabi, Karachi, Jeddah, Kuwait, Shenzhen, Geneva, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Miami, Willemstad, Amsterdam, Toronto, Paris, Muscat, Gibraltar, Singapore, Istanbul, Manila, Atlanta, Monte Carlo, Houston, Nassau, Tampa, Boca Raton, Encino, Islamabad, and Dubai.

A nasty CIA habit: overthrowing Australian governments in "quiet coups"

Nugan Hand was used to finance the 1975 overthrow of the Australian Labor Party government of Prime Minister Gough Whitlam and an operation conducted jointly with Britain's MI-6, which received the backing of Queen Elizabeth II who gave the necessary instructions to her Governor General of Australia, Sir John Kerr, a CIA asset. The CIA overthrow of Whitlam may not have been the last time the agency interfered in Australian politics. It is noteworthy that we were recently informed by a reliable source that the June 2010 "midnight overthrow" of Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd by his deputy, Julia Gillard, was engineered by the CIA and U.S. Republican Party operatives linked to the international political dirty tricks operations run by Karl Rove..... Rove has allegedly built up a network of political leaders who do the bidding of the United States, including Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt and Gillard, especially in regard to the American case against WikiLeaks' Julian Assange....and Karl Rove was instrumenatl in the odious operations of the Infamous White House Murder INC, since its inception in January 2002 in the Levant....

It is significant that the Governor General who appointed Gillard to the post of Prime Minister, Quentin Bryce, was launched into political prominence by Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser, who was installed as prime minister after the overthrow of Whitlam in the 1975 CIA-engineered coup. Bryce has been described by her associates as a "control freak."

....What's up at Fort Leavenworth? Army, Canadians, USAID, International Red Cross, and CIA jointly training in Joint Intermediate Staff Planning Exercise...

Oil, Pro’s and Con’s (the Pro’s Win)

Oil, Pro’s and Con’s (the Pro’s Win)

March 6th, 2011
David Goldman's Hallucinations and DEBKA's disinformation...., just like Stratfor's/CIA utter disinformation galore.....

I’m holding my position in oil futures, but notched my stop losses in line with Friday’s price spike. The Obama administration is trying to jaw prices down by threatening to release oil from the strategic reserve. One never knows how markets will react. But I see the crisis getting worse. The most important news last week regarding Egypt was that the military junta will not–despite earlier promises–re-open the natural gas pipeline to Israel. One story is that it was not damaged by sabotage (as earlier reported) but that the junta is somehow afraid that it would be damaged. That doesn’t quite make sense. I’ve heard this from senior Israeli officials, but don’t know what to make of it. The story at the Israeli spook site Debka makes more sense:

The prospects of Egypt resuming its gas supplies to Israel dropped to zero Thursday, March 3 when Egypt’s state security prosecutor Abdel Magid Mahmud announced that deposed president Hosni Mubarak would be summoned for questioning next week about allegedly corrupt deals for selling Israel Egyptian gas at knock-down prices, DEBKAfile’s Cairo sources report. Mahmud claimed he had documentary evidence that Egypt lost more than half a billion dollars on its gas sales to Israel and sought to follow up suspicions that the difference was shared out between the Mubarak family and the Israeli and American partners in the transaction.
The flow of gas to Israel was suspended on Feb. 5 when Hamas blew up the pipeline running through Sinai during the Egyptian uprising. Our sources confirm that supplies will not be renewed until the end of the corruption inquiry which could go on for years.

Debka is hardly a reliable source, but something is very wrong here. Egypt needs about $54 billion a year in foreign exchange at 2010 prices to cover its import bill. It stands to lose about $13 billion in tourism, $2 billion due to expulsion of Egyptian workers from Libya who send remittances home, and another $2 billion from the natural gas exports to Israel. That’s nearly a third of its foreign exchange budget. And the rise in food prices probably adds another $3 billion or so to the bill. Egypt’s market remains shut. How these numbers are supposed to add up is past my ability to reckon with available information. The country could go into a tailspin.

Egypt doesn’t seem susceptible to stabilization. Israeli sources say that the Muslim Brotherhood is so convinced that the situation will fall apart that it doesn’t want to be in charge for the time being and take the blame for the chaos–which makes a good deal of sense. Libya remains in civil war. The Bahreini Shi’ites today barricaded the prime minister inside his office. Yemen is not in control.

The big question, of course, remains Saudi Arabia. Again, the unreliable Debka says that Tehran is stirring up Saudi Shi’ites (who happen to form a majority in the kingdom’s southern oil-producing region, right across the Persian Gulf from Iran).

Ahead of the first Day of Anger planned in Saudi Arabia for March 11, a senior Iranian figure close to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad warned Riyadh Wednesday, March 2, against launching preventive security measures against, or cracking down on, the kingdom’s two million Shiites who live and work in the oil regions of the east.

The world’s biggest oil exporter, Saudi Arabia covers 40 percent of the world’s oil needs.

Saudi and other Gulf security sources called the Iranian warning unprecedented interference in the domestic affairs of Saudi Arabia and a call to the Shiite minority to rise up against the throne under the shield of Iran’s protection. It also struck the match for reigniting Shiite riots in Bahrain, fomenting the Shiite minorities in other Gulf emirates and further complicating the explosive situation in Yemen.
In Washington, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton came forward for the first time in the three-month wave of Arab uprisings to accuse Iran of using its Lebanese surrogate Hizballah to shape events in the Arab world. Addressing the Senate Budget Committee Wednesday, March 2, she said “They are doing everything they can to influence the outcomes in these places,” she said, citing Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen and the Palestinians, though not Saudi Arabia. “They are using Hizballah to communicate with counterparts. … in (the Palestinian movement) Hamas who then in turn communicate with counterparts in Egypt.”

Something is up–but how serious? Saudi Arabia detained and then released a Shi’ite cleric after protests. The Daily Telegraph reports today that twenty-two Shi’ites have been detained. Background on the Shi’ite problem in Saudi Arabia can be found in an older report from the Crisis Group (very lefty and sympathetic to Hamas and other malefactors).

The argument (per the New York Times) for sales from the reserve is simple:

The loss of more than a million barrels of sweet crude on world markets resulting from the turbulence in Libya is tightening supplies for European refineries that need high-quality oil to produce diesel fuel, which is popular in Europe.

By releasing sweet, or low-sulfur, crude oil from the reserve, Washington might relieve a bidding competition between American and European refiners for sweet crudes produced by Algeria and Nigeria, two producers that are straining to fill the gap left by Libya.

I would not be surprised if the US (and other governments) tried to whack oil prices down next week. My strategy: take the stop losses if they hit and refill positions at better levels. The scale of the prospective problem is simply out of the range of government intervention.

Even if the Saudi situation is dried out (and Saudi security is fearsome), the bigger danger lies on Israel’s northern border, where Hizbollah has some 50,000 rockets stockpiled, many hidden under homes and hospitals. Most of these rockets are long range and accurate, which means that Hizbollah could hit Israel’s air force bases, oil refineries, airports, and of course population centers. If Iran decides to make its play and let some of these devices fly, the Israelis will have no choice but to respond massively and quickly, which means very large numbers of civilian casualties. That’s all in the plan; Hizbollah is hoping that by staging supposed Israeli “war crimes” it can force an international “solution” to the regional conflict at Israel’s expense. This has been the plan all along. What the probably of this scenario might be, I don’t know, and neither does anyone else. But the distribution has a tail like a Stegosaurus, so that the price of hedges against this kind of tail risk ought to be elevated....