Saturday, February 28, 2009

Nuclear bazaar back in business

Nuclear bazaar back in business

WMR has learned from a knowledgeable source that Pakistani nuclear scientist A. Q. Khan, recently released from four years of house arrest in Pakistan, is back in the nuclear proliferation business. Khan and his associates allegedly paid $2 billion to the government of Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari to have Khan, the "father of the Pakistani nuclear bomb," released from his house arrest. The High Court of Pakistan ordered Khan released from house arrest. Khan is now permitted to move freely about Pakistan away from his luxurious home in the affluent E-7 neighborhood of Islamabad, Pakistan's capital. Zardari is known as "Mr. 10 percent" in Pakistan because of the financial cut he receives from major business transactions.

Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair recently told the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) that "there are restrictions on him [Khan' imposed by the [Zardari] government."

Blair testified that Khan is now unconnected with his old nuclear proliferation network. WMR has been told by a source who works within the nuclear intelligence community that Blair was far from being truthful and, in fact, Khan has re-established the Khan network. Furthermore, in addition to Iran, North Korea, Libya, and Saudi Arabia having been part of the original Khan network, along with Turkey and Israel as middlemen, WMR has learned that another silent partner was the People's Republic of China. WMR has previously reported that Saudi Arabia was another recipient of Khan nuclear secrets but that the connection was suppressed by U.S. intelligence so as to not offend the Saudis, believed to be strong allies in America's "global war on terrorism."

The Press Trust of India recently revealed that Khan's network also included Japan, where a Tokyo company called Western Trading procured missile nose cones for Khan as early as 1980.

When Representative Anna Eshoo (D-CA) asked Blair whether Khan still posed a nuclear proliferation threat, Blair said he could only answer that question in a closed and classified session.

Oddly, the Bush administration waited until its last month in office to impose sanctions on Khan and members of his network. Former Dutch Prime Minister Ruud Lubbers said that when the Dutch intelligence service discovered that Khan was stealing nuclear secrets while employed by URENCO in Almelo in the Netherlands, the CIA pressured the Dutch to back off arresting Khan on at least two occasions.

China's role in the Khan network has been downplayed by U.S. intelligence. Among the nuclear design documents discovered by the United States in Libya were exact duplicates of those from Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico that had been translated into Chinese. The Obama administration has signaled that it wants to transfer control of the nation's nuclear laboratories from the Department of Energy to the Department of Defense. The reasons are said to be for enhanced security. However, the Energy Department's National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), responsible for protecting the nation's nuclear secrets, has been woefully unfunded and the Obama administration is pushing the entire U.S. nuclear weapons program to the Pentagon, which has repeatedly flunked nuclear surety inspections at a number of Air Force bases, including Minot, Malmstrom, and F. E. Warren.

The current counter-intelligence security budget at Los Alamos is estimated as $115 per year per foreign national present in the area of the laboratory. The H1/B1 guest worker visa program, WMR is told, was the number one method by which the Chinese and the A. Q. Khan network were able to gather so many American nuclear secrets. The program, WMR is told, was pushed in the early-to-mid 1990s by Microsoft founder Bill Gates, with the blessing of his friend Warren Buffett and the lobbying efforts of Preston Gates law firm lobbyist Jack Abramoff. The Washington Posthas been a major proponent of the H1/B1 visa program primarily because Bill Gates' wife, Melinda, and Buffett sit on the Washington Post company's board of directors. The nuclear security problem arising from the introduction of a large number of nuclear physicists and other scientists via the H1/Bi program has largely been downplayed by the Post as a result.

The current fear by those tasked with protecting the United States from a nuclear terrorist attack is that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is doing little to protect the country's air space and seaports from the threat of a W-88 nuclear warhead-sized explosion. The W-88 was designed for the nose cones of multiple independent re-entry vehicle (MIRV) warheads.

The TSA has two programs to interdict the importation of a relatively small-size 475 kiloton W-88 warhead into the United States. The Large Aircraft Security Program (LASP) is designed to monitor the contents of large cargo aircraft arriving into the United States. An aircraft-borne nuclear weapon is a major fear since to cause maximum destruction to a city, a plane at an altitude of 2100 feet is considered an optimal height to destroy the greater downtown area of a city.

The second potential delivery method is by container ship. The Advanced Research and Applications Corporation (ARACOR) Eagle X-ray imaging system is undergoing testing at the port of Miami. The system is designed to look inside containers for things like nuclear weapons. However, there is a major flaw. If a W-88 size warhead were placed within an battery-powered Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) unit, the lead batteries contained within the UPS unit would shield the warhead from X-rays. WMR has learned that China is the leading exporter of UPS systems to the United States.

The other vulnerability to X-ray scanning is the time it takes to scan one container. the ARACOR Eagle takes 90 seconds to scan a single container. The super container ship "Emma Maersk" can carry up to 15,200 containers. There are container ships on the drawing boards that will be able to carry as much as 20,000 containers.

Condoleezza Rice was fond of saying "we don't want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud." Based on the Bush administration's policies, especially the outing of Valerie Plame Wilson's Brewster Jennings & Associates CIA non-official cover (NOC) counter-proliferation program, which we are now told by U.S. intelligence sources did include the Swiss Tinner family, the Bush administration has ensured the next smoking gun will be a mushroom cloud over a U.S. city. And based on DNI Blair's testimony before Congress that A. Q. Khan and his network no longer represent a threat, the evidence is clear that the Obama administration is pursuing the same delusional and dangerous nuclear proliferation policy as that of its predecessor.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

MAJOR STORY BREAKING and the MSSM doesn't even realize it.

MAJOR STORY BREAKING and the MSSM doesn't even realize it...

Accused Financier Under Federal Drug Investigation
Authorities: Stanford May Have Laundered Drug Money for Mexican Cartel

February 18, 2009

Major red flags go up for me [Progress] with this ABC storyline on the Allen Stanford fraud. FBI claims he was laundering money for "The Gulf Cartel." Oh yeah? What Gulf Cartel?

Stanford was probably accepting cartel money for investment but the FBI is blaming "the Gulf Cartel." This appears to be a CIA/DEA red herring since the Gulf Cartel has been taken apart by Presidente Cardenas.

Look to either Sinaloa or Michoacán. Michoacán is the home power base of Mexican Presidente Cardenas who is Bush and Rove's boy. Michoacán is the new connection for Colombian cocaine that is coming through the Michoacán plaza on the west coast of Mexico and then moving either up the Pacific Coast to Sinaloa or across the narrow Mexican isthmus into the Gulf of Mexico, the Gulf Cartel's former territory, and then moving on to American ports or the Dominican Republic for flight to the west coast of Africa before moving on to Europe.

Michoacán as well as Sinaloa have taken over the old Gulf Cartel's territory, save for a pocket in Monterrey/Matamoros, Tamaolipas S.A..

This story smells of CIA/DEA disinformation. They might as well have broadcast it: Stanford is apparently a part of the CIA covert financial activity moving through the Dominican Republic, Miami, Tampa, Mobile, Memphis, Tuscaloosa, New Orleans and, yes, even Corpus Christi, Galveston and Port Arthur. They even use the oil rigs owned by the Bush family (Zapata Oil and Bechtel) as depots. Blaming the Gulf Cartel is a dead give away.

Did you guys ever hear of "Dark Alliance" and Iran-Contra? What do you think Karl Rove and Jack Abramoff wanted with Sun Cruise Lines working out of Florida, Mississippi and Alabama? Money Laundering, that's what. Did you know that the Sinaloa Cartel and former Juarez Cartel were funneling money into the Bush Campaign?

If Stanford was accepting drug cartel money to manage in his Madoff style ponzi scheme, dollars to donuts the CIA and DEA are involved and now they're running scared trying to cover it up by casting blame on "the Gulf Cartel," hah, hah. They must think we're idiots. This whole thing is going to come apart at the seams if Congress will ever muster the courage to set aside the old Nixonian "national security" excuse and accept their constitutional responsibility to investigate....LOL....

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fascism is a very real possibility, given the breadth and depth of the unending global downturn...

Fascism is a very real possibility, given the breadth and depth of the unending global downturn...

Zeitgeist, The Movie - Remastered / Final Edition

A warning Hitler took guns away and Germany got First Class Fascism. Just a warning. Oh and Russia got Bolshevism and 14 Million dead Orthodox Christians starving to death while feeding the world. It was kept very "quiet" because they did not want the world to know how bad they were. The Criminal Mind of Sociopaths is very interesting. And don't fly if you think something is going on. Governments kill innocent people to cover up treason, spies and moles......
The Albright-Cohen report was funded by the U.S. Institute for Peace, AKA, Covert wars and assassinations galore... the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, and the American Academy of Diplomacy. The report is rife with references to Darfur, East Timor, Liberia, Yugoslavia, Rwanda, and Sierra Leone but is silent on the genocide carried out by Israel against Lebanon, the West Bank, and Gaza....

The report talks about the genocide committed by the Khmer Rouge's Santebal and the Pinochet junta's Caravan of Death in Chile but fails to mention the support for these operations given by Albright's and Cohen's old friend Henry Kissinger, who was recently tapped as Obama's special envoy to talk to the Kremlin.

Nor does the report mention the genocide of Serbs carried out by Albright's "boy toy," Kosovo Liberation Army terrorist leader Hashim Thaci, who now governs independent Kosovo, a state beholden to organized criminal syndicates that hosts one of the largest U.S. military bases in Europe, Camp Bondsteel.

Arab Middle Easterners still painfully recall the days when Clinton's foreign policy was dictated by the "ABC team" of Albright, Berger [National Security Adviser Sandy Berger], and Cohen, all of whom were known to be pro-Israeli due to their family backgrounds.... in pursuit of possible new leads in the story of the ill-fated SS Poet, which disappeared in 1980 while shipping arms to Iran on behalf of the Reagan/Bush campaign to forestall an "October Surprise" by the Carter administration and the pre-election release of U.S. hostages in Iran....

Similarly, Albright's Czech roots and the Yugoslav warrant issued for the arrest of her professor-diplomat father, Joseph Korbel, for the theft of art from Prague, brought forth extreme anti-Serbian policies by Albright, much as Zbigniew Brzezinski's Polish heritage evoked almost-pathological hatred of Russia while he served as Jimmy Carter's National Security Adviser.... Bare minimum steps needed to save USA from ruin: cut off Israel; no more dual citizenships allowed to hold public office or important positions in government; federalize the so-called Federal Reserve and create our own currency; require AIPAC to register as a foreign agent; prevent Israel spying on USA...; and realize, by examining the documents, that there is a Zionist conspiracy to rule the world, and take steps to fight back..."

For aficionados of the Clinton-era interventionist policies that saw the first aerial bombing of a European city, Belgrade, since the days of Adolf Hitler, the Albright-Cohen report does not disappoint. The two argue for a continuance of such tactics to combat "genocide" as arms embargoes (such as the disastrous embargo of Iraq that resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths of Iraqis, including children), radio and cell phone jamming, no-fly zones, "covert operations," covert military training and assistance, "safe havens," economic threats, increased intelligence collection and surveillance, use of satellites and unmanned aerial vehicles to collect intelligence, jam media and "hate radio," precision targeting and air campaigns.

Napolitano appoints her friend to newly-created DHS post

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, the former Arizona Governor, has created a new position, Special Advisor on Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Detention & Removal, and appointed her friend from Arizona, Dora Schriro, to fill the post. Schriro was the chief of the Missouri prison system, where she was responsible for carrying out 40 state executions, before Napolitano brought her to Arizona to be the director of the Arizona Department of Corrections.

In the official DHS announcement of Schriro's appointment, Napolitano wrote: "Dora is one of America’s leading minds on modern, effective prison management. In Arizona, she visited every correctional facility in the state and conducted a top-to-bottom review of their operations, tackling and reducing both overcrowding and recidivism. Her proven leadership and skills will serve not only this department, but also the individuals we need to house as we enforce our nation’s immigration laws."

Although Schriro is known as a prison reformer, Napolitano is an avowed admirer of the fascist prison tactics of Maricopa County, Arizona Joe Arpaio, who is infamous for forcing prisoners to wear pink outfits and having them perform other degrading acts. Napolitano is a former U.S. Attorney. Schriro is a widow whose husband, Gay Carraway, the director of public safety for St. Louis and ultimately her boss at the time, died of cancer ten months after he and Schriro were married.

In what may be a bad omen for freedom of information for the media in covering the Homeland Security Department, the Napolitano-Schriro team was infamous for withholding public information from the press in Arizona. Even the names of prison guards were considered some sort of "state secret"

Schriro also has problems telling the truth, even under oath. On February 3, 2004, U.S. Judge for the Eastern District of Missouri Carol Jackson rejected a city of St. Louis motion to have a lawsuit dismissed by an inmate in the state prison system. Schriro was named as a defendant. Judge Jackson ruled that Schriro and her co-defendants displayed "demonstrated unreliability" and added that it "is beyond dispute that the defendants' affidavits contain false statements."

After the secrecy and obfuscation within DHS under the regimes of Tom Ridge and Michael Chertoff, Obama's message of "change," at least at DHS, is falling on deaf ears. The Napolitano-Schriro team is definitely "change we cannot believe in."

Napolitano's stewardship of DHS also appears to be having no effect on plans by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to deal with nationwide social unrest. We have confirmed with FEMA sources that the agency has drawn up plans to remove to relocation centers around the country, U.S. citizens deemed to be national security "threats." FEMA sources confirm the agency has procured buses for this purpose. Round-up lists of those to be re-located are collected by state and local "fusion centers." These centers are linked together by a nationwide DHS network. The fusion centers collect intelligence from DHS, the Department of Justice, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, the FBI, tribal, state and local governments, including local police forces. The economic stimulus bill being signed by President Obama allots $250 million for the "upgrading, modifying, or constructing State and local fusion centers."

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

" MOSSAD " تكشف عن أكبر فضيحة أمنية صامتة في لبنان يتحاشى المسؤولون إثارتها order to protect much larger and more deadly covert operations

What are the Lebanese military intelligence stooges waiting for, in order to capture Charbel KAZZI and his cronies... and political cover/connections...????

What are these CI stooges waiting for to capture Charbel KAZZI...????

" MOSSAD " تكشف عن أكبر فضيحة أمنية صامتة في لبنان يتحاشى المسؤولون إثارتها order to protect much larger and more deadly covert operations structures in BEIRUT and Damascus

إسرائيل حصلت على عشرات ملايين المكالمات الهاتفية في لبنان عن طريق إحدى الشركات الألمانية المخدمة .....Courtesy of BND covert operations of thugs and killers kowtowing to CIA2/MOSSAD, and Asef SHAWKAT's handy goons in Damascus working for the White House Murder INC in order to cover the tracks of Syria's assassins in all Beirut and Damascus Murders and assassinations since January 24th 2002....

المكالمات تشمل اتصالات رسميين مدنيين وعسكريين وآخرين من حزب الله ، وجميع الاتصالات بين بشار الأسد وإميل لحود

والمديرة النفيذية للشركة ، انيكي بوتر، فرت من لبنان إلى قبرص بعد إشارة إنذار من " الموساد " ، بمعرفة وزير لبناني !

تل أبيب ، بيروت ، أمستردام ـ الحقيقة (خاص): كشفت مصادر إسرائيلية وهولندية وألمانية متطابقة عن أن أجهزة الاستخبارات الإسرائيلية ، وبشكل خاص " الموساد" ، قامت بواحدة من أكبر عمليات " السطو الهاتفي " في تاريخها ، وربما الأكبر على الإطلاق في العالم . وبحسب مصدر تقني رفيع في شركة فرانس تيليكوم ( أورانج) في إسرائيل ، فإن العملية بدأت صيف العام 2004 عبر تقنيين وإداريين لبنانيين وأجانب يعملون مع شركة ديتيكون الألمانية التي تمثل الشريك الاستراتيجي لشركة ألفا ، وهي إحدى الشركتين المشغلتين للهاتف الخليوي في لبنان. وذكر المصدر أن " البطلة الرئيسية" في هذه العملية هي المديرة التنفيذية لشركة " ألفا" ، إنيكي بوتر ، وهي مواطنة هولندية. وقال المصدر ، وهو مهندس فرنسي سبق له أن عمل لصالح " فرانس تيليكوم" في لبنان ، إن العملية " قد تكون مستمرة حتى الآن ، وإن على نطاق أضيق بعد هرب زعيمة الشبكة من بيروت " . ويؤكد المصدر أن عملية السطو الاستخباري شملت نسخ عشرات ملايين المكالمات الهاتفية ورسائل SMS ، فضلا عن المكالمات التي جرت عبر الشبكة الأرضية ( السلكية). وطبقا للمصدر ، فإن جهاز الموساد استطاع توريد أجهزة تقنية عالية الدقة عبر العاملين المشار إليهم من أجل وضعها في كل من " سنترال الأشرفية " ( شرقي بيروت) و " سنترال بئر حسن" ( في الضاحية الجنوبية) الذي "لعب دورا هاما جدا في التنصت على المكالمات الهاتفية خلال حرب تموز / يوليو 2006 " . وبحسب المصدر فإن المكالمات تشمل أيضا جميع الاتصالات التي جرت بين لبنان وسوريا منذ أيلول / سبتمبر 2004 على الأقل ، بما فيها مكالمات بين الرئيسين السوري بشار الأسد واللبناني إميل لحود ، و الاتصالات التي سبقت ورافقت اغتيال رفيق الحريري ، والآخرين ، بحيث يمكن القول إن لجنة التحقيق الدولية الخاصة بجريمة اغتيال الحريري لن تستطيع إكمال عملها والوصول إلى القتلة المفترضين إلا إذا اطلعت على هذه التسجيلات التي تفتقر لها حتى أجهزة الأمن اللبنانية ووزارة الاتصالات ، بالنظر لأن الإسرائيليين كانوا يعملون على النقل المباشر ( البث المباشر) لمحتوى المكالمات إلى محطة/ محطات تحويل Relay Station ليس معروفا بعد ما إذا كانت فضائية ( أقمار صناعية) أو بحرية ( سفن إسرائيلية في عرض البحر) . لكن المؤكد ـ والكلام لم يزل للمصدر ـ هو أن واحدة من العقد التقنية الخاصة بهذه العملية كانت في منزل زعيمة الشبكة إنيكي بوتر ، التي تمكنت من " تنظيف " منزلها والفرار أواسط تشرين الثاني / نوفمير الماضي من لبنان بعد أن تلقت " إشارة إنذار" من ضابط الاستخبارات الإسرائيلي الذي يشرف على عملها تفيد بأنها "على وشك أن تصبح في مرمى مخابرات الجيش اللبناني" . ورجح المصدر أن تكون الشبكة ساهمت في عملية تتبع ومراقبة اتصالات القائد العسكري لحزب الله عماد مغنية ، الذي اغتيل في دمشق قبل عام من الآن.

ويقول المصدر هناك روايتان حول تتبع السيدة المذكورة واكتشاف أمرها. أولاها تجزم بأن جهاز أمن حزب الله ، الذي يتتبع نشاط جميع الأجانب في لبنان ، وضع السيدة على قائمة المراقبة المشددة بعد أن تناهت إليه معلومات عن اجتماعها مع " رجل أعمال" (؟) إسرائيلي في دبي أواسط شهر أيلول / سبتمبر 2007 . وبعد أن أصبحت وسط الدائرة الحمراء أوائل تشرين الثاني / نوفمبر الماضي ، وهو تعبير يقصد به أن الهدف " مؤكد وشديد الخطورة" ، أبلغ مخابرات الجيش بأمرها من أجل اعتقالها ، بالنظر لأنها مواطنة هولندية ولا يستطيع القيام بأي إجراء ضدها يمكن أن يوصف كـ " عملية اختطاف " كما حصل في الماضي . لكن الإسرائيليين كانوا أسرع من مخابرات الجيش ، حيث أبلغوها عن طريق وزير لبناني سابق معني بوزارة الاتصالات ( وربما عن طريق ابنه) بضرورة مغادرة لبنان فورا ، فضلا عن الطلب من مسؤولين كبيرين في الوزارة ( غ . ن . )و ( ك . ب . ف ) بأخذ الحيطة ، وتقني ثالث يدعى " ك . ش." كان مقربا من الوزير الموما إليه. وقد عمدت السيدة الهولندية إلى مغادرة بيروت فورا إلى نيقوسيا ( قبرص) بعد أن تركت استقالتها لدى مسؤول ألماني في الشركة يدعى "ديريغ مونينغ" ، حيث طلبت منه أن لا يبلغ أي جهة لبنانية ، رسمية أو غير رسمية ، بأمر استقالتها ومغادرتها إلا بعد أن تتصل به من هولندة وتؤكد له أنها أصبحت في أمان . وهناك معلومات غير مؤكدة بعد تفيد بأنها غادرت لبنان عن طريق يخت " قبرصي" من ميناء جونية ، وليس عن طريق مطار بيروت !؟

أما الرواية الثانية فتتقاطع مع الرواية الأولى في معظمها ، لكنها تفترق معها في أن الجهة التي كشفت السيدة هي محطة الاستخبارات الروسية في بيروت ، التي وقعت على الأمر بمحض المصادفة .

من هي إنيكي بوتر Ineke Botter؟

مصادر في بروكسل وأمستردام أفادت بأن السيدة بوتر ( 48 عاما) تحمل شهادتين في القانون والتعاون الدولي من الجامعات الهولندية منذ الثمانينيات ، وقد عملت بعد تخرجها في العديد من " العواصم التجارية " العالمية ، أبرزها لندن وهونغ كونغ وأمستردام . وبعد سقوط الأنظمة " الشيوعية " في الاتحاد السوفييتي وأوربا الشرقية ، وسيطرة طبقة من الأثرياء الجدد والمافيات على اقتصاديات هذه البلدان ، وجدت بوتر طريقها إلى أحضان هذه المافيات ، حيث عملت في بوادبست ( هنغاريا) و كييف ( أوكرانيا) في العام 1992 ، ثم في براغ ( تشيكيا) أواسط التسعينيات وحتى العام 1998 حيث عملت رئيسة لمؤسسة الاتصالات الخليوية التشيكية! وبعد فترة قصيرة قضتها في سويسرا ، عادت إلى أمستردام مطلع العام 2000 لتعمل مديرة إدارية لشركة " فيرستال تيليكوم " وعضوا في مجلس إدارة " أورانج" .

ويقول مصدر روسي للزميلة يوليا فيربتسكايا في أوكرانيا إن إنيكي بوتر " معروفة على نطاق واسع في أوساط المجتمع المخملي الأوكراني باعتبارها أحد رموز المافيا الدولية ، وكانت على صلة وثيقة برجال الأعمال الإسرائيليين الذي يترددون على كييف وأوديسا وشبه جزيرة القرم . والشيء اللافت هو أنها عمدت إلى استخراج شهادة تعميد كنسي كبروتستانتية لإخفاء انحدارها من أصول يهودية بعدما تعرضت لأسئلة متطفلة تتصل بديانتها ". وطبقا للمصدر نفسه ، فإن بوتر " من المرجح أنها تعرفت على جهاز الموساد في أوكرانيا أو براغ " .

تبقى الإشارة إلى أن معركة التنصت القائمة الآن في لبنان على علاقة بهذه القضية ، وقد أثيرت من قبل أوساط في الحكومة اللبنانية من أجل التعمية على القضية الأساسية ـ قضية " شبكة إنيكي بوتر " ومنع وصولها إلى الرأي العام وتحولها بالتالي إلى قضية كبرى تطيح برؤوس كبيرة كانت من عظام رقبة الحكومة السابقة التي سقطت على أثر اتفاق الدوحة .


ساهمت في هذا التقرير الزميلة ليا أبراموفيتش منMOSSAD تل أبيب ، والزميلة يوليا فيربتسكايا منMOSSAD أوكرانيا.....